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scandal (noun) – 1. A publicised incident that brings about disgrace or offends the moral sensibilities of society.
2. A person, thing, or circumstance that causes or ought to cause disgrace or outrage.
3. Damage to reputation or character caused by public disclosure of immoral or grossly improper behavior; disgrace.
4. Talk that is damaging to one’s character; malicious gossip.
5. (Law) law a libellous action or statement.

Source : The Free Dictionary

Etymology : 1580s, “discredit caused by irreligious conduct,” from Middle French scandale (12th century), from Late Latin scandalum “cause for offense, stumbling block, temptation,” from Greek skandalon “a trap or snare laid for an enemy,” in New Testament, metaphorically as “a stumbling block, offense;” originally “trap with a springing device,” from PIE *skand- “to leap, climb”.

Attested from early 13th century, but the modern word likely is a reborrowing. Meaning “malicious gossip,” also “shameful action or event” is from 1590s; sense of “person whose conduct is a disgrace” is from 1630s. Scandal sheet “sensational newspaper” is from 1939. Scandal-monger is from 1702.


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