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John Key was chatting about trade with the Indian PM today, and is scheduled to do the same with the French Premier tomorrow.

The first visit to New Zealand by a French prime minister in 25 years is about to begin.

Manuel Valls is due to arrive in Auckland on Sunday and departs on Monday.

Prime Minister John Key has said it’ll be a short but important visit.

“We have a close and long-standing relationship with France and I’m looking forward to discussing a number of issues including trade, our mutual interest in the Pacific and the international response to terrorism,” he says.

During the visit there’ll be an official welcome, a wreath-laying ceremony, a community event and a bilateral meeting with Mr Key.

Mr Valls is visiting as New Zealand campaigns for former prime minister Helen Clark to secure the role of secretary-general of the UN.

New Zealand exports about $373 million worth of goods to France and imports about $1 billion worth of goods, including aircraft.

Nothing exciting or headline-grabbing about this, but it is interesting to note that John Key isn’t phoning it in, even in his third term in office.  This country is likely to benefit from his hard work for decades after he’s left politics.

Compare that to the current crop of political retards in the Labour party, and it would be a very dumb electorate that replaces National with left-wing government.


– NZN via Yahoo!


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  • Michelle

    John Key is doing so much for this country and the useless self absorbed Media party won’t report it or put it way down the page
    This is real news along with the Indian PM visit, worth celebrating what is being done to further NZ Inc

  • john Doe

    Should Little be the PM, the only head of state that would be interested in visiting NZ would be the likes of North Korea, Venezuela and Palistine. Every leader in the Western World wants to be associated with JK and NZ at the moment. The average Kiwi should celebrate this fact.

  • Joe Banana

    Bradford and her rent a mob will probably be there to protest about the Rainbow Warrior

    • Martin

      Haha it’s funny because it’s true!

  • Second time around

    I hope he cuts his meeting with the French guy short tomorrow so that he can prepare for the barrage of questions he will be getting tomorrow about what his lawyer did or did not know or ask about Panamagate. Probably no questions on Niue because it’s a story Labour needs to forget.

  • Charlie

    “it would be a very dumb electorate that replaces National with left-wing government”
    Exactly the statement I made to my wife this morning along with the words,”Disaster, Tragedy, God help us, Stuffed, etc etc.”

  • Peter

    At the risk of sounding like a fanboy, JK seems to be just hitting his stride right now. Some housekeeping done he seems to be looking outwards now to build NZ Inc brand.
    Hard to really give a rats arse about the latest attempted hit job.
    Hard to care what A Little says, Its all so relentlessly negative and destructive. Andre reminds me of that poor sod at a party standing alone in a corner.