Left Wing Blog published ‘racist’ cartoon and no one took offence

Photo-The Daily Blog

Anti-Al Nisbet cartoon Image-The Daily Blog

In 2013 when award winning cartoonist Al Nibet’s cartoon was accused of racism and a complaint was made to the Human Rights Commission, a left wing blog in protest published a similar cartoon. In their version both the white and brown faces of the adults dressed up as children in the original cartoon were substituted with white politician’s faces.

290513 The Marlborough Express Al Nisbet cartoon

290513 The Marlborough Express Al Nisbet cartoon

Interestingly, all debate on the anti-Al Nisbet cartoon was silenced by the Blog Owner as they removed their readers’ ability to comment on it.



Predictably the left wing blog seemed blissfully unaware that the total lack of outrage and cries of racism and complaints to the Human Rights commission about the anti-Al Nisbet cartoon, totally undermined their claim that the original cartoon was racist.Perhaps they ignored this rather obvious point because of their inherent belief that it is not possible to be racist against white people because they are the majority?

Maybe they think that white people having ‘white privilege’ can be a target of political cartoons with impunity because their feelings don’t count. Or perhaps it is because they don’t care and take offence the same way many minorities do?Then again maybe they didn’t react to the anti-Al Nisbet cartoon because it wasn’t racist in the first place. It was making a political point that they agreed with or they didn’t. The fact that all the faces were white wasn’t relevant to the message about politicians.

The same left wing blog is now taking pot shots at another of award winning cartoonist Al-Nisbet’s cartoons.

Image-The Daily Blog Al Nisbet cartoon

Image-The Daily Blog
Al Nisbet cartoon



Al Nisbet’s cartoon makes a point about the latest cause du jour in our media which is the debate over transgender toilets. It is a valid and topical issue for a political cartoon but it has been given the bash by The Daily Blog that accuses it of being transphobic. Apparently it is not okay for a political cartoonist to draw about a topic unless it is a topic dear to The Daily Blog’s heart such as John Key bashing.

image-The Daily Blog

image-The Daily Blog


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  • STAG

    What sad, disappointing little lives the Left lead. To be so perpetually outraged at everything must be exhausting.

  • phronesis

    I’m always surprised by the claim that white people are the majority. Roughly one in ten people alive today are white. The former capital of white civilisation, London, is majority non-white.

    We are a minority.

  • XCIA

    Today’s Maori could probably plead the Pareto principle as far as their DNA is concerned. Why not, they have managed to blame everything else but themselves.

  • BR

    Could Al Nisbet sue The Standard for copyright infringement?