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  • ChrisM


    • MaryLou

      Exactly :) :) :)

      Saw it pop up on Twitter, and gave me my first really good belly chuckle of the day. Really, there’s nothing else for it, certainly no words…

    • KiwiLliz

      My thoughts exactly, ChrisM. Words fail me … and that doesn’t happen often ;-)

  • CJA

    I don’t get it?

  • oldmanNZ

    what else can the man do, brimming with confidence, on a sinking ship.

  • Effluent

    Even a car park puddle can have ripples. Must be one of these he is riding.

  • Drhill

    words spoken before being knifed in the back?

    • Oh Please

      Yeah, sounds like the football manager/mediaworks exec vote of confidence.

  • Left Right Out

    A piece of legislation passes it’s first reading and he’s suddenly riding a wave of confidence…..? I guess when you fail at just about everything else you take what you can

  • cows4me

    Andy riding the wave of confidence.

    • Isherman

      Still looks too big to be Andy’s wave, if they are measured in meters, as they are, Andy’s is about 7cm tall.

  • herewego

    But where is it taking him? Is he equiped to score on the wave? Should he have chosen the next one? Is time running out to post a good score or will be be eliminated?

  • localnews

    He is about to get his rental homes bill through parliment
    He is about to get land tax added
    He is making great strides on having sugar tax implemented
    He has gotten mad heath and safety legislation through
    He has gotten the Auckland rail loop funded by the govenment
    He has got drugs for melanoma funded
    He is making great strides with increasing taxes for Multinationals
    We are about to increase our refugee quota
    He is about to move one of his MP’s into the Auckland mayoralty
    What have I forgotten?

    Now lets list the advances for John Keys right wing supporters-
    TPP (started by Helen and Phil)
    I reckon he is doing remarkably, everything he asks for John Key does

    • MaryLou

      Oh darnit. Did you have to?

      I can’t even argue with any of that. My only (and admittedly very feeble) protestation, is that it took all the opposition parties combined to achieve that.

      • localnews

        its terrible when you see it written out, and off the back of such a massive election win.
        I forgot zero hour contracts, another union win

        • MaryLou

          Maybe Opposition actually suits them fine. Certainly not holding them back.

    • sheppy

      A couple of ones you missed, he’s already got an emergency extra intake of refugees before he gets the quota doubled and he’s had the unions favourite anti charter schools bill picked.

      • sheppy

        Forgot to add:
        Got “Red Peak” added to the flag referendum and got the lower Drink Drive limit through, or maybe that was one of the other many labour leaders.

    • Nige.

      He’s not destined to get this latest bill through. That’s just what the media are telling us after one reading. Land tax is not going to be introduced per se. It is going to be very targeted if it does get through. Government has ruled out sugar tax. Health and safety….now that is one of theirs I presume. It is however playing catch-up to John Howard’s health and safety 2000 and doesn’t go any further. Rail loop may not ever happen. Government said they would start paying in 5 years time. I have to plead ignorance with the drug stuff. The multinational stuff goes hand in hand with the landtax. Refugee quota is clearly policy stealing. Phil Goff for mayor unoposed…another great own goal for the government.

      You can hardly say it’s a wave of confidence. Where does that come from? You get confidence from being backed not from having your ideas stolen.

      The headline is a lie.

      • localnews

        you may be right, but once land tax is on the books, as we have discussed, it will be tweaked the next time Labour get power so we all end up paying it.
        It still seems a pretty short list of wins for your average plumber or builder who voted National in because they were scared of all the lurches to the left that would come with the other lot

        • Nige.

          I have always said that you won’t stop socialism. Only slow it. Who knows what it may have been like if Goff had have become PM. For all we know he may have stopped imorts and made us all buy NZ made and set the price. We won’t know. The point being that the real person riding high on a wave of confidence is John Key.

    • Seriously?

      On that basis, with it working so well and all, the last thing his supporters should do is vote for Labour.

  • herewego

    Checked the thoroughbred register – “Wave of Confidence” as a racehorse name is available.

    Maybe its the future of work – he’s becoming a jockey?

  • Cadwallader

    “Riding a wave of confidence?”
    My questions:
    1 Who wrote that rubbish?
    2 Is he shortlisted for Hilary Barry’s job?
    3 Is there a tsunami of anger directed at him in the Labour caucus? He could ride that wave into a distant sunset.
    4 Has Winston offered him “Deputy Leader of the Opposition?”
    5 Does he believe he just won Indiana?

  • Greg M

    Auto correct must have struck again. It should have said:
    “Andrew Little hiding a vote of no confidence”.
    There, fixed.

    • OT Richter

      Riding a wave of incompetence?

  • RoboRob

    I watched Paul henry this morning, who I like, but was stunned by the coverage he got off the rental homes legislation.

    It felt like they either talked about it every 5 minutes or had a guest on to talk about it. The irony is that houses that are ‘cheap’ to rent are either in bad locations, or are tired and cold. Any legislation that adds costs to landlords and forces them to upgrade the heating / insulation does two things…

    1) makes they house better, thus meaning the landlord can rightly charge more for it.
    2) Means that any costs will be passed to tenants as increased rents.

    So rents will go up…. Just wait for the cries of ‘Oooh nos rents are too expensive, the govt must do somthing’.

  • Tiger

    Oh, they mean Andrew Little the surfer…surely?

  • Positan

    If Little’s “riding a wave of confidence” it’s certain he doesn’t understand the situation.

  • johnnyB

    It’s a unusual phenomenon and we sometimes can witness it in our working lives as well. It’s when a person gets themselves or their organisation in such a state of dispair that they actually get overly credited and celebrate success for just not stuffing things up (even if performing worse than the previous person). Perhaps This can now have a name – ‘the Little Factor’

  • Isherman

    A Labour leader is supposedly riding a wave of confidence, right,…I hope this one knows which way round the wetsuit goes.

  • Toby

    Labour Leader Andrew Little is extremely confident that he is not going to be toppled this week but is feeling a little less sure that someone might have a crack next week.

  • Jude

    Another classic example of the MSM creating a story by writing a headline.
    I really wish the MSM showed more respect for the intellect of the voting public.
    Oh well, as you were , will continue to read the news here and enjoy the commenters take on this:)

    • Boondecker

      The really bad thing about that is that NZ mainstream media seem one of the worst offenders in the world with respect to that sort of ‘cart before the horse’ journalism. This is another great example.

  • Visions of Thomas the Tank Engine, “I know I can, I know I can” but the power of positive thought has limits.

  • R&BAvenger

    Wave of confidence? Misplaced arrogance seems like a more likely fit. The poll numbers tell a story and it’s not reflective of a wave of confidence for Mr 7% and his 28% party.
    The Media Party are trying to tell a different story but Mr and Mrs New Zealand voting public aren’t buying it.
    They are all drinking from the same stinking vat of Koolaid, contaminated with tears of impotent lefty rage.

    • InnerCityDweller

      confident that, somehow, 28% and 7% add up to 35%…

  • Karma

    All surfers fall of their boards eventually. They just hope there’s no sharks circling when they do.

  • Boondecker

    I’m sure the captain of the Titanic was riding a wave of confidence too at some point.

    Having stated that, did somebody put something into Paul Henry’s cup of coffee this morning in order to come up with that one. Or is their actually a punchline?

  • Seriously?

    I suppose any tiny bulge in the water might appear worth mentioning when the tide is so far out.

    Let’s see if the “wave” can take him into double figures as preferred PM before we start handing out the surfer of the week award.

  • andrewo

    Andrew Little is riding a wave of confidence:
    Waving Goodbye

  • zotaccore

    I’d suggest that the headline should read “Andrew Little is drowning in a tsunami of incompetence”. Clearly has not sustained a grip on politics and his role as the opposition leader. For him it is a game of gotcha politics rather than any substance at all. He is incompetent, his is nasty, he is angry, he is of course, Labour.

  • Bluemanning

    I watched a ‘little’ of that Little interview and for a moment I thought Henry was in sarcasm mode, but unfortunately not.

  • kayaker

    I watched this clip. I think Paul Henry was taking the proverbial for a good part of this interview.

  • XCIA

    This is how I see this wave riding ending…………

  • hookerphil

    ipredict : A few headlines like his, all the media party trumpet it, no foot in mouth for a few days and the next polls will reflect quite a noticeable rise.

  • T Mardell

    I ask:

    What does he have to offer?
    What credentials does he have to do any better than the incumbent?
    What sort of team does he have behind him?

    None of the answers I have for those questions inspire me.

    It seems a perception that he is doing ‘well” comes from a faint hope to hurt John Key. Nothing else. Little and Labour (funny how those words go together well) portray nothing themselves as nothing other than an “anti” party.

    There is not one iota of unique and positive policy they offer up as a genuine alternative – hard I guess, when as a country, we are doing well relative to elsewhere.

  • Sally

    A memo must have gone out to the media that Little has a new surfboard.
    This afternoon the few minutes I caught of Garner I heard him say Little could quite easily be out next PM.

  • Wheninrome

    Who is his leg rope?

  • Curly1952

    More like riding a ripple that is at it’s zenith up the beach and is petering out!