June 2016

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Kairo Seijuro, the Light Rail Avenger


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Welcome to Daily Trivia. There is a game to play here. The photo above relates to one of the items below. The first reader to correctly tell us in the comments what item the photo belongs to, and why, gets bragging rights. Sometimes they are obvious, other times the obvious answer is the decoy. Can you figure it out tonight?

Australia has 31% of the world’s uranium supply. (Source)

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Want to be like your idol? Give up now


To serve and protect. Amazing


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This is a trailer for a new animated movie. It was played in-theatre before a run of “Finding Dory”.

Caution: language

It isn’t too hard to understand why kids were terrified and parents got just a little bit upset. Well, more than a little bit.

“We fully realize this trailer is not appropriate for ‘Dory’ and we would never schedule something like that.”
Theatergoers who showed up to watch Finding Dory in Concord, Calif., earlier this month may have been shocked when a preview for the R-rated comedy Sausage Party was shown before the PG-rated Finding Nemo sequel.

Sausage Party is an animated dark comedy about grocery food items finding out that when they are purchased they will be eaten by humans. Theatergoers were so upset and offended by the showing of the trailer, Brenden Concord 14 released an apology.

Walter Eichinger, Brenden’s vice president operations said it was a mistake that was caught quickly. “Playing that trailer was a one-time honest mistake by a theater manager moving screens around in effort to accommodate several large last-minute groups wanting to see Dory,” Eichinger confirmed in a statement to The Hollywood Reporter. “The wrong movie was started by mistake.”

Eichinger explained in further detail. “Our movies are now started and stopped by computer and a click of a mouse. We moved a couple of screens to larger houses to accommodate some walk-up groups over a very, very busy Dory weekend. In the rush, one hardworking manager clicked the wrong movie.”

I’m sure the mental health professionals will be rubbing their hands with glee. There are thousands of hours of counselling coming their way.


– Hollywood Reporter

Traditional political models predict Trump will absolutely tank

As an analyst of US politics, Nate Silver has been uncannily accurate and able to embarrass the pros.

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Fatty prison guards forced to pass fitness test

The fatties in the Corrections Union have lost their bid to remain fat bastards and not do fitness assessments.

The prison union has lost its battle about the introduction of fitness tests for guards after arguing they should be paid for their troubles.

Last year the Department of Corrections announced it would introduce a Physical Readiness Assessment (PRA) for its staff to ensure they were able to respond to emergencies.

The six-step test would grade each employee either green, amber or red.

Amber employees would be able to repeat the test in a fortnight and if still graded amber would be provided with support and re-tested in a year.

Red employees would have to submit to further medical and safety assessments to determine if they could remain in their roles or have their duties changed.

It could also result in an employee having to take either paid or unpaid sick leave until they improved their fitness levels.

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