Ahhh…the missing link


Yesterday everyone was speculating on who the journalist was who busted her source. Which journalists had the lowest of all morals to throw a source under the bus?

Initially, people thought it may have been Andrea Vance or Katie Bradford. I think Corin Dann has too much credibility for it to have been him.

Then we learn that it was actually Rebecca Wright. Her sources have now probably dried up completely. I mean, who would trust a journalists who has burned their source to get a bigger story? It’s why David Fisher mostly does dodgy neighbour stories now…or takes dictation from criminals. Sources of this type of reporter usually end up being the story, eventually.

One thing that everyone is still wondering, is how Radio NZ knew.

People are again speculating on who is so distrustful at Radio NZ, but then again it has become a lifeboat for failed left-wing journalists.

But seriously, how did they know??

Well, it is a little-known fact that there is another Bennett in this mix other than Paula Bennett and Lucy Bennett. That is Adam Bennett.

Adam Bennett is Lucy Bennett’s brother.

There you go, problem solved…dots joined.

One thing is for certain though, Paula Bennett’s office are tits at leaking. I guess it comes from her revolving door policy for staff retention.

Seriously though, what does it take to be sacked in John Key’s ministry other than having a third party make spurious and false accusations with stolen data?

Ministers have been sacked for less than the rolling maul of screw ups emanating from Paula Bennett’s office.