Another name for New Zealand’s wall of shame: Michael Te Kouarehu Kereopa


Another case of SOCKs…

A Wellington man has admitted killing a 6-month-old baby girl who suffered head injuries as severe as a high-speed car crash could inflict.

Gracie May McSorley died in July last year after her mother’s desperate attempts at CPR were unsuccessful.

In the High Court at Wellington today, Michael Te Kouarehu Kereopa, 32, pleaded guilty today to a charge of manslaughter.

Gracie died from severe head injuries police said at the time were “inconsistent” with claims she had an accidental fall.

Kereopa initially appeared in court charged with assaulting a child before that was upgraded to murder. Today, the Crown laid the new charge of manslaughter.

Justice Rebecca Ellis convicted Kereopa and gave him his first warning under three-strikes legislation.

Another case where manslaughter is taken because murder is too hard to prove.  On the good side, both have the same minimum sentence.

An “alert, happy and healthy” Gracie was left alone with Kereopa on July 6 when her mother left to collect an older sibling, police said.

When her mother returned to their Kapiti Coast property 45 minutes later she was “very unwell”.Gracie became unresponsive and an ambulance was called. Her mother performed CPR as they waited for paramedics to arrive.

Gracie was then air-lifted to Wellington Hospital, and put on life support. However, she died the next day.

Police said her injuries were “inconsistent with Kereopa’s claims of an accidental fall”.

Injuries consistent with a  high speed car crash.

What sort of person, what sort of man beats a helpless baby to death?

Michael Te Kouarehu Kereopa via Stuff

Michael Te Kouarehu Kereopa via Stuff


– NZ Herald


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  • gerard

    He is not a man just a piece of scum.

  • Damon Mudgway

    It’s a cultural thing.

  • Dave

    Some other Chaps Kids syndrome strikes again. Just for the record, can the officials please start looking into the key factors in the Majority of these cases, and the liklyhood gets higher, the more of the boxes are ticked.

    * Some Other Chaps Kid
    * Some form of funny first or last name
    * Unemployed or lazy
    * De-facto relationship
    * Maori or PI
    * Has violence in the past, to him, or by him
    * Known to police
    * Could be a loner, worse if looking after the kids alone.
    * Living in someone elses house, state or other.

    Not saying any one of these is a determining factor, but get most or all, it starts to look more like a “tinder box” to an arsonist.

    • Crowgirl

      Gracie May is not that elaborate of a name (and distinctly European sounding), but in most cases it seems like these kids have about 3 or 4 long convoluted and usually Maori names. I don’t know what this signifies except that for some parents it seems that parental love and care begins and ends with the naming of a child. It seems like those children are more of a trophy or possession to project all these grandiose names on to, rather than an actual person.

      I note the killer has convoluted Maori names – odds on he was abused then and has continued the cycle.

      • Dave

        yup, i was referring to his name, your last sentence is pretty much what I was thinking.

    • KatB

      I agree with you asking officials to look into the key factors of these cases. As I think I’ve discussed with you before, making the point that Maori are highly represented in these statistics is not enough to fix this issue. I don’t wish to sweep under the carpet the ethnicity of a lot of the perpetrators of these crimes but I do have issues with focusing on those statistics alone. The picture of this guy alone highlights the questions about ethnicity and statistics. This guy doesn’t look Maori, but his name suggests otherwise, is he part of the Maori statistics? My kids, if they were to commit crime, would not appear in the Maori crime statistics by their looks but if they acknowledged their lineage they would. I’m over Maori statistics whether it be in crime or whether it be in special seats on councils or separate funding in health etc. I think that just allows people to get side tracked and shout ‘racism’ to take the heat off themselves. You’ve put up a really good list of things to consider in this issue, I too wish the officials would look.

    • JEL51

      ‘Some Other Chaps Kid’ has to be the one factor in each of the last 13 cases you listed during our discussion around THAT cartoon 2 or 3 weeks ago. If those people of influence who have a tendency to shout ‘racism’ at the drop of a hat, just gathered stats on that ‘one’ factor then worked from there, they may just garner some respect from the rest of us.

      Solo parenting must be a very difficult job but to bring another immature being into that job when the child is at such a vulnerable stage, does no one justice. Perhaps those outside a normal, supportive loving relationship who are receiving a benefit, should also be receiving tough restrictions on who should be involved in the day to day care until the child is passed that most vulnerable age.

      Why not we demand that, after all it is our money..?

  • Bombastic

    How are men like this produced? A child to me is someone to be nurtured, protected and most of all, loved.

    • James M

      No damn idea. These stories always yanked at my heart before I became a father. Now having been a farther for 10 months I’m sickened with rage every time I hear of these things happening.

      The rage I felt upon learning my nephews had been in the care of the couple that killed Moko was like no other hate I’d felt in my life.

      • Red

        My kids are all in their 20’s and the rage at the misery these cowards inflict doesn’t go away

  • Union Jack

    Disney should do a show on all this and make it a sequel to The Never Ending Story.

  • Ruahine

    No eulogies in Parliament for this poor child.

  • MaidenMarewa

    We were only discussing this subject last week here and here we are again.


    Words fail me….

  • taxpayer

    Another murderer gets away with manslaughter.
    He was alone with the child, next minute the child is dying/dead.
    How is that a hard murder case to prove?
    NZ, a great place to raise kid, and soft on baby killers.
    I wonder if child killers, rapist and all round general scum in other countries look at the soft system we have, and dream of coming to live here.

    • Union Jack

      Not having a dig at you but do you really think your justice for Moko campaign has achieved anything because my count we have had another two kids die in the short span of time since(one in Mangere and one in Tauranga).
      Seems even worst maybe.

      • taxpayer

        I never said it would achieve anything, quite the opposite in fact.
        What I have said several times is that it’s better to do something rather than nothing, and letting the Govt know loud and clear that we have had a guts full of this is something rather than nothing.
        Not having a dig at you but I am glad that not everyone in this country has a Meh, who cares attitude the the murder of defenseless kids.

    • WaveAtTheBridge

      Yep but one of the possible sentences for manslaughter is life imprisonment. That is what this SOB deserves.

      • Nermal

        I agree. I hope that judges start considering a starting point of a life sentence when the manslaughter victim is a child.

  • DangerMice

    so excuse me Mr.
    but I’m a mister too
    and you’re givin’ Mr. a bad name
    Mr. like you

    so I’m taking the Mr.
    from out in front of your name
    cause it’s a Mr. like you
    that puts the rest of us to shame

    He is no man