The astonishing stupidity of Rachel Smalley

We’ve looked at the retarded nature of Rachel Smalley before. She is perhaps the most annoyingly sanctimonious and?solipsistic commentator around. Who can forget her?ticking off NASA for naming a spacecraft after an eminent scientist, confusing his name (Kepler) with Kevlar and remonstrating that it isn’t a good look to name a spacecraft after bullet proof vests??Of course, she never lets staff in?the?NewstalkZB newsroom forget that she is the “only serious journalist” in that organisation.

I was looking forward to her column this morning?as much as I?looked forward to?other lefty commentator reports, but who knew she could be so utterly disdainful of the democratic process.

Referendums have their place. Should a country change its flag, for example? That’s a good use of a referendum. But on the issue of E.U membership, an issue of such profound economic importance, why let ‘Jo public’ decide when some among ‘Jo public’ will be ill-informed, politically ignorant and have little understanding of the impact of their vote on trade, on policy, on Britain’s constitution, on the country’s legal framework, on national unity, on a million things.

That’s not democracy. That is political stupidity.

Astonishing. So, Rachel Smalley has just told everyone that she does not believe in democracy, that referenda are only for trivial issues and the people shouldn’t have a say; they should leave that to their betters…presumably people like her. Rachel Smalley is a disgrace. But she rabbits on.

Brexit was not democracy in action. It was a truly remarkable act of political self-harm.

Democracy allows you to have a say in who represents you in the corridors of power, and then we charge those politicians with getting on with running the country, with running the economy, with putting policy in place, with negotiating trade deals, and so it goes on.

But, and as one commentator pointed out in Britain, democracy also means making sure “People avoid making uninformed decisions with catastrophic consequences”.

To that end, Brexit has been a failure of democracy.

Is she aware that the EU?was about as far from democratic as you can get, imposing its will by unelected faceless technocrats on member countries? That’s not democracy; the referendum was. The problem with the EU is you couldn’t hold the politicians to account, nor the technocrats. That’s not democracy; the referendum was.

By her logic the referendum to join the EU was likewise undemocratic.

I sat in front of the BBC on Friday afternoon, and I watched the results roll in. I didn’t pick it, to be honest. And my jaw just kept dropping. I couldn’t believe what was unfolding.

The footsie fell by nearly 500 points at one stage, the pound plummeted to its lowest level in 30 years, and more than $2 trillion was wiped off the world’s stock markets.

The people have spoken.

It’s FTSE you dumb cow, not footsie. She is being paid by KPMG and she writes footsie??I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

But what are the ramifications for the future? Who knows? Years of political, economic and constitutional challenges it seems.

That is David Cameron’s legacy. His desire to remain in power and appease the far right has essentially removed the ‘great’ from Great Britain.

It is no longer a United Kingdom. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. It’s disunited. What a mess.

Here’s an idea Smalley. Why don’t you piss off over there and fix it. You seem to have all?the?answers. A clever girl like you and a “serious journalist”. They’ll listen to you….won’t they?

Rachel Smalley is an utter disgrace. Thank God KPMG are pulling their sponsorship of her show.


– NewstalkZB