Auckland?s building momentum ramps up in time for 2017 election credit-taking

It looks like there is progress in housing in Auckland, which will pop Labour’s balloon just in time for election year.

Building activity in Auckland has topped an all-time high of $6 billion a year and is on track to meet “ambitious targets”, the Government says.

Building and Housing Minister Nick Smith says the housing accord with Auckland Council set a target of 39,000 new sections created and dwelling consents issued over three years.

“By 31 March 2016, 30,389 had been achieved compared with a target of 30,500 at that date – 99.6 percent of the target,” he said. ?

“The number of homes being built has grown by 37 percent, 22 percent and 20 percent in each year since the accord was agreed in 2013.

“The level of building activity for the year to March 2016 is $6.1b, the highest in Auckland ever.”

The figures are in the latest housing accord monitoring report, released by Dr Smith and Mayor Len Brown.

“These encouraging and impressive figures reflect the real progress we have made and show we have risen to the challenge in a short space of time,” Mr Brown said.

Now, if only they could get Auckland Council to free up more land and then the whole manufactured crisis would be solved.


– Newshub