The Australian National Imams Council confirms that the punishment for homsexuality is death

Imam Yusuf Peer. Picture: Chris McCormack

In the last three days Australians have heard two Australian Imams expressing their views on the gay community. Both Imams hold executive positions within the Australian National Imams Council so we can reasonably expect their views to be representative of Islam rather than their personal opinions, as they have been chosen to speak on behalf of the Muslim community in Australia.

A group called Muslims for Progressive Values in Australia are trying to undo the damage the two Imams and their President, Shady Alsuleiman have done, by claiming that the three men’s view is not the official Islamic view. While I appreciate them wanting to make Islam seem like a progressive religion it clearly isn’t. If it was there would be no need to form a group called Muslims for Progressive Values now would there?

There are ‘ progressive’ christian groups who think abortion is okay but that does not mean that they can legitimately claim that what the Pope and two of his bishops say about abortion is not the official Catholic view. Likewise the progressive Muslim group have no authority to claim that the Australian Imams council is not telling the truth. They should be honest and say that they do not believe that as they are ‘progressive ‘ but yes, that mainstream Islam does believe that homosexuals should be killed.

Gay and lesbian people should be put to death or otherwise punished under sharia, according to two imams who share leadership positions with Shady Alsuleiman, the controversial sheik invited to a Ramadan dinner at Kirribilli House by Malcolm Turnbull.

The Australian National Imams Council, of which Sheik ­Alsuleiman is president, has at least three executive members who believe the only punishment for homosexuality is the death penalty, according to Islamic law.

Imam Yusuf Peer, the chairman of the Council of Imams Queensland, who is a member of the national peak body, told The Weekend Australian yesterday that it was “not permissible” to be gay and Muslim.

“But we do not have a problem with the people themselves, just the act and ideology,” Imam Peer said. “But this is what the sharia law says and we have to follow that. There is no way around that. When we are talking about gays, we have to be confident (they are gay) and there must be a lot of ­investigating.”

When asked if sharia ­required death, Imam Peer said: “Yes.”

Imam Peer said because a “proper process” involving “committees” applied, it prevented the “random bashing and killing” of homosexuals: “Nobody can implement Islam­ic sharia on their own. There is a procedure, there is arbitration, there is a committee.”

Phew, there I was thinking they would be randomly throwing them off buildings like ISIS when it fact they will gather evidence, discuss it in committee and then slaughter them. That makes it so much better.

…The Prime Minister’s decision to host a holy-month iftar dinner at Kirribilli House with Sheik ­Alsuleiman caused a political storm yesterday after The Australian ­revealed anti-gay comments made by the ANIC president.



…Responding to the media storm yesterday and Mr Turnbull’s repudiation of his comments,Sheik Alsuleiman said there was no place for homophobia in Australia and he had never called for adulterers to be stoned to death.

“I unequivocally reject the claim that I called for the stoning or any form of punishment of adulterers and/or homosexuals,” he said.

“As an Australian and a Muslim, I unreservedly condemn the vilification and oppression of any group of people based on race, religion, gender, sexuality, or any other criteria for that matter.

“In light of the above, there is absolutely no place for homo­phobia or any sort of hatred or discrimination towards a person who identifies as LGBTI.

“As human beings, we need to come together to overcome and combat the hate that is fuelling so much violence in the world today.”

Sheik Alsuleiman has previously quoted Islamic law on the punishment for zina — sex outside marriage — in which he asked his followers to “remember” sharia calls for the death of those who commit adultery.

Extremist Islamic group Hizb ut-Tahrir’s spokesman Uthman Badar said on Facebook yesterday that Mr Turnbull was condemning the “normative Islam­ic position on homosex­uality” and criticised fellow Muslims for listening to a lecture on “how they should take liberalism instead of Islam as reference point” in their lives.

ANIC treasurer Imam Mo­ham­­ed Imraan Husain said that under sharia, penalties applied to all crimes, including adultery and homosexuality. Sometimes zina applied to gay people who had sex outside marriage, attracting lashes or the death penalty.

“Males cannot see another males’ private parts because that may lead to ­attraction,” he said. “Islamic punishments are carried out all around the world, but they do not carry out the punishment until all the prerequisites are met. But if people are raised in Islam, Islam prevents lesbianism and being gay.”

Why didn’t a reporter ask him how they prevent Muslim’s being gay. Could it possibly be because they do tolerate homophobia, vilification and oppression? Not to mention the death penalty for being a gay Muslim?

Queensland Premier Anna­stacia Palaszczuk said Imam Peer’s stance on homosexuality had no “place in Queensland”.

“I’ll always respect a person’s right to freedom of religious beliefs, but under no circumstances do these views have a place in Queensland,” she said. “I can’t recall ever meeting with this person, and based on these comments, I wouldn’t. It’s an ­abhorrent thing to say and Queenslanders reject it.”

Imam Peer conceded that while Muslims “live sharia in their everyday lives”, it conflicted with Australian laws, and the only way around that was for Muslims to be “involved in the political process”.

Translation: Muslims will use democracy to get rid of democracy and replace it with a Theocracy and Sharia law.

…Amid the furore, some Muslims have demanded Sheik Alsuleiman step down as ANIC president, ­arguing there was no scriptural basis for the death penalty or corporal punishment in Islam.

Muslims for Progressive Values in Australia yesterday called Sheik Alsuleiman “wrong” and for him to be ousted. “Homosexuals do not spread evil in society,” it said. “This is not an Islamic view, but is rather driven by blind prejudice and hate, and as such it should be rejected by other Muslim community leaders unequivocally,” the group said.

Meanwhile in Britain….

Muslims living in Luton in the United Kingdom were told during Ramadan last year that it was their Islamic “duty” to throw homosexuals from a “high building,” a jury at the Old Bailey has heard.

Five men have appeared at the court accused arranging a number of meetings and speaking in support of Islamic State, a proscribed organisation. At least one of the meetings took place in a residential garden in Luton, where the audience was encouraged to take part in violent jihad in Britain.

The court heard a recording of one speech, made during Ramadan last year, in which a man identified only as “Mohammed” told the audience that it was their “dutyto kill gay people, the Times has reported.

“When the parliament are making laws and having Gay Pride today in the UK, Gay Pride, where’s the pride in being gay? There’s no pride in being gay,” he said, adding: “Alhamdulillah [praise to be God] the people haven’t caught you, or it’s high building for you.”

He continued: “Brothers, there’s no time to sleep in your chair, no time for relaxation, we should be asking for forgiveness from Allah every night.

“Oh Allah, forgive that we’re living amongst these people and we’re not completing our duty towards you.”

Referring to three jihadist attacks which took the lives of British holiday-makers in Tunisia, a French factory-worker who was beheaded, and Kuwaiti worshippers via a bomb explosion, the speaker went on: “Don’t feel sorry for any British in Tunisia, don’t feel sorry for any factory workers in France, don’t feel sorry for any temple worshippers in Kuwait. We don’t feel sorry for those people.

“This is your iman [faith] akhi [brothers] and let it ignite because the spark has been lit. You know the rest.”

The recording was made by an undercover officer known as Kamal, who spent 20 months infiltrating the group and recording their speeches.

…The case comes just days after France suffered two jihadist attacks linked to Ramadan, one in which a teenaged girl was stabbed as an attempted “sacrifice”, and another in which an off-duty police officer and his partner were killed in front of their three-year-old child.

In response, the Dutch Freedom Party leader Geert Wilders has warned that “Ramadan is the deadliest time of the year,” and has called on western countries to “acknowledge that Islam is the problem.

“Islam and freedom are incompatible. We must de-Islamize our Western societies,” he said.

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