Awesome! Another student loan dodger arrested at the airport.

Some people are really, really slow at learning lessons other provide for them.

Another person has been arrested at the border because of student loan debt.

The woman was arrested at Auckland Airport as she tried to board a flight to Australia on Tuesday, the Herald understands.

She appeared in Manukau District Court on Wednesday. ?

An Inland Revenue spokesman confirmed an arrest warrant was executed by police this week.

Taxpayer secrecy prevented the release of more details.

“Our powers to arrest at the border are used as a very last resort, and would only follow strenuous efforts to contact the borrower to make repayment arrangements – these would typically involve making phone calls, sending correspondence via mail and email to the borrower, and attempting to contact them via any third parties such as nominated persons and/or any known employer.”

About 20 people who have defaulted on their student loans are being monitored for possible arrest if they return to New Zealand.

Loan dodgers are the worst kind of bludger. They know that they owe the money, but they think they can get away with it.

Keep on arresting them and keep on publicising it.