Awesome news: we’re well on the way to warming things up a little

Wellington has become more livable and is well on the way to having reasonable weather.

An air monitoring station near Wellington has passed a climate change milestone which one scientist describes as “a bit like turning 40 and realising you haven’t started saving for your retirement”.

The Baring Head clean air monitoring station’s carbon dioxide readings this week officially passed 400 parts per million, NIWA says.

It follows the mark being passed at Hawaii’s Mauna Loa station in November and Tasmania’s Cape Grim last month.

Most carbon dioxide – the primary greenhouse gas – is generated in the Northern Hemisphere.

However, enough gas has now mixed through the atmosphere to push readings further south above 400ppm, Sara Mikaloff-Fletcher says in a statement.

Baring Head was particularly significant because it measured air originating far to the south of the site, away from human activities.  

Scientists knew the level would eventually be reached.

When the mark was passed in Tasmania it prompted Greenpeace to call for laws in Australia to end fossil fuel industries.

It was a bit like turning 40 and realising you haven’t started saving for your retirement, Dr Mikaloff-Fletcher said.

“It is a useful point to recognise that because we have left things so long, there is very limited opportunity to get back on track and stop drastic climate change.”

Reducing the levels to below 400ppm would likely take many years of emissions reduction, she said.

Don’t you just love how the scientist on Newshub claimed that it is scary that in New Zealand where they record the cleanest air they have now recorded the highest level of carbon dioxide.

Do these fools know that plants grow better with increased levels of carbon dioxide?

Do they know that they breathe it out with every exhalation? If it is so scary perhaps she should just stop breathing.

That whole story is preying on fear and ignorance, the scientists have recreated a whole new global religion based on that fear and ignorance.

Next we will have some Green loon wishing for catastrophic pandemic to thin out the virus known and mankind….oh wait someone did that on The Standard.

Screen Shot 2016-06-05 at 10.00.14 PM

If we’ve reached the tipping point as other lunatics like Martyn Martin Bradbury say we have, and we are all doomed as the earth enters a death spiral…then there really isn’t much point worrying any more is there?


– Newshub


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  • We’re doomed.

    • XCIA

      Someone else has been saying that for years ;-)

  • biscuit barrel

    based on these NIWA maps warming doesnt seem to be happening over much of NZ
    purple means -2 C below the last 30 average

    • Spiker

      Cooling is the greatest threat.

  • JEL51

    I have not a religious bone in my body, so why do those of the New Faith insist of calling me a denier?
    Is it because I have grave doubts about some peoples motives?
    Could it be because some in NIWA have been found wanting in the past?
    Perhaps I could be more convinced about an argument if the element of persecution was left out it.
    There are many reasons why I am not a ‘Believer’ but having been here on this earth at least twice as long as most of the accusers and being out in the weather for most of that time, I am simply NOT convinced of anything that those of the new faith preachers.
    Don’t you dare give me one of your labels!!

  • Second time around

    The CO2 will go down again as soon as James Shaw realises his visions of everyone in NZ going to work by tram, and every family driving an electric vehicle to go fishing or to the supermarket. I am waiting for Andrew Little to speak out on this issue, now that it is one of Labour’s new Green priorities.

    • OneTrack

      I am sure Agry has now followed the instructions of their new partner, sold all the Labour-owned/leased vehicles and traded them all in on Prii.

  • Terry

    The “primary greenhouse gas” is actually water vapour – H2O. Also if these so-called scientific geniuses did the numbers, they would realise that 400 p.p.m. is 0.04% of Earth’s atmosphere, and that’s from ALL sources! A piddling trace gas, but, nevertheless, vital to all life on our planet.

    • idbkiwi

      Exactly Terry, I thought everybody already knew that water vapour is, by far, the most potent greenhouse gas. It accounts for over 60% of the “greenhouse effect” here on Earth, the effect that makes the planet livable.

      Is this what we need in the 21st century, supposedly responsible news outlets telling fibs to our kids?

      Newshub–Water Deniers?

      • biscuit barrel

        Plus the human CO2 part is just the margin of error when you look at the complete carbon cycle

  • Rick H

    Why have these “climate change” nutters caused the term “Greenhouse Gas” to have become a term for “Evil, bad, Catastrophic”?
    Greenhouse Gasses are our friend, without which there would be no life.

  • shykiwibloke

    So far, 100% of the end-of-the-world prophets have been wrong. I don’t see that trend changing anytime soon.

  • PersonOfColor:WHITE

    Given observed climate sensitivity to carbon dioxide, in another several centuries we will have doubled the carbon dioxide levels and added some… 1.3 degrees to average temperatures. Oh well….I won’t start worrying for a while yet then?

  • craig

    over the last 400,000 years when CO2 levels have risen much higher than today they have lagged the warming by 600 to 1000 years. Co2 does not drive temperature.