Barbara Dreaver and Michael Field, news story writing competition

Blacklisted TVNZ journalist Barbara Dreaver touches down in Fiji for first time in eight years. Image: From TVNZ One News video

Blacklisted TVNZ journalist Barbara Dreaver touches down in Fiji for first time in eight years. Image: From TVNZ One News video

“No one who reports on events in Fiji fairly and in a balanced manner is excluded. Any journalist is free to criticise my government or me in an opinion piece of report criticism by others in their news stories. But we cannot allow the wilful propagation of false information that damages our national interest and undermines our [Fijian] economy. And that is what has happened in the case of certain journalists and others from Australia.”

Bainimarama cited TVNZ footage of military tanks in the streets of Suva, even though Fiji had no tanks, and a claim that Fijian children were starving and eating grass.


Michael Field

Michael Field

Instead of being ashamed and apologetic for making up the news instead of reporting on it Barbara Dreaver and Michael Field are upset that they are no longer welcome in Fiji. To show our support for their special kind of journalism I invite you all in the comments to submit a 1-2 paragraph News report complete with accompanying photo.

*Remember that you do not need to let the truth get in the way of a good story. This is a Barbara Dreaver and Michael Field news story writing competition so we are not concerned about the facts, just a gripping tale.

To get your creative juices flowing I have submitted my own entry below.

John Key and Andrew Little Charity fight hits the spot



A leak from the PM’s office has confirmed that there will be a Charity boxing match between John Key and Andrew Little one month before New Zealand goes to the polls. When asked about the match Key was coy but our photographer captured this telling snap of his response.

260310 News Photo: Murray Wilson/ Manawatu Standard. Opening of the new Levin courthouse . Prime Minister John Key tells the protesters to "shoosh" so he can speak.

260310 News Photo: Murray Wilson/ Manawatu Standard

Andrew Little was tight lipped but said that if there was a boxing match he was confident that he would be the winner as internal Labour polling has shown that his leadership approval ratings have increased significantly. When asked, Little’s campaign team said that they are confident that the competition will be a wonderful fundraiser and that they were intending to sell T-Shirts, caps and T-towels at the event.

It is also rumoured that the Green Party in the spirit of the MOU between the two parties will be selling vegan sausages at the event.

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  • Pluto


    Due to the systemic failure of John Key’s government the killer cows are fighting back.
    Already under pressure from depressed milk prices set by Key, dairy farmers are under attack from their herds.
    Cows are suffering anxiety from homelessness, being forced to live in crowded paddocks with only grass to eat, not even a car to sleep in.
    Key’s response was predictably out of touch, merely stating that some cows actually preferred to live in paddocks.

  • biscuit barrel

    Does it count when Bainimamara makes up the story himself.

    TVNZ has never shown stories of children eating grass nor tanks in the street.

    • Damon Mudgway

      I have been pondering this one to. If nothing else, Frank could write the book on never letting the truth get in the way of a story.

      Still, I guess selling your soul to the Chinese so they can get a foothold in the Pacific is a non story, so what would I know?

      • Dan

        We had a similar thing happen in Vanuatu after Cyclone Pam. One of the NGOs put up a video on Youtube. You know, one of those “please donate now” ones. In the video they were interviewing a young boy and his mum (living about 40km from where I live). They were pleading for food as they had nothing to eat. But to the trained eye, she was saying this while standing in her largely unaffected taro garden! Unless you know what a taro plant looks like, you would think there is nothing there.

        Sure there was huge damage, around and yes, aid was definitely needed, but to misrepresent the situation and being deceptive to fit a certain narrative is not right.

  • Sally

    Refugees now traveling to Europe via the North Pole.

    Today a group of refugees were spotted on ice flows as they make there way from Syria via the Arctic to Germany. A spokesman for the group told reporters that they have caught fish for food and melted ice for water.

    The main danger they have faced is from polar bears who are on the hunt for food. They also they were surprised by the cold and ice as a Greenpeace spokesman had told them how the world was warming up and the ice was disappearing from the Arctic.

  • shykiwibloke

    FIJI a toxic dumping ground – this story just in from our correspondents Michael and Barbara in a boat somewhere off the coast of Fiji.
    “What was once a pacific paradise is now a toxic wasteland. As you can see behind me the beautiful islands of Fiji are marooned in a lake of a chemical known to kill thousands of people every year. The government no longer permits us to land on the islands becuase they were afraid their dirty secrets would be outed. Tonight we can confirm with our onboard scientists that the deadly chemical surrounding Fiji is in fact here in very high concentrations. The compound known as Hyrda-Hydroxide is present in our samples up to 99%. In fact some samples are pure except for the chemicals our boat is putting off. More tests need to be done from the shoreline in order to ascertain the true extent of the problem”

  • Dan

    UN Blames Israel for Coral Bleaching on the Great Barrier Reef
    Climate Correspondent Dan

    Palestinian authorities expressed ourage today over a fresh UN report that suggests that Israel may be held responsible for causing widepread bleaching of Coral along the Great Barrier Reef around Townsville. The Israeli Prime Minister, Ben Netanyahu was unavailable for comment, but a securitry guard speaking on anonymity because he is not authorised to approach media blamed the Jordanian Government for the travesty despite evidence that the water sample taken close to the reef matches a sample taken from the Israeli side of the shore. Both samples were revealled to be high in salt, a known dangerous substance known to also kill millions of people worldwide from heart complications.

    The report’s commissioner, Ms Clair Waters, a leading Climate Scientologist from the Matireya Think Tank based in New York, said in the lengthy 200 page document that the reason for the sudden death of coral along the famous reef has been conclusively proven to be a direct result of water from the Dead Sea finding it’s way to the once thriving polyp colony.The report recommends strong sanctions against Israeli products especially Sodastream, a mere 142km away.

    Local Townsville conservation group spokesperson, Wayne Veganburger (seen here sampling the reef’s water) confirmed the evidence, “This is the worst death I have seen on the coast in living memory and can honestly say that the reef system in places look exactly like the floor of the dead sea when I was last smuggling in medical supplies to a Syrian refugee centre close by,” he said, echoing his 100 twitter followers. His comment has been liked on facebook 50 times since his statement was published.

    • Dan

  • Wolfman Jack

    Labour faces internal struggle

    We can report that Labour parliamentarians are in conflict over the new Labour toilet protocols. Stories are emerging of members entering a booth only to find it is occupied by a person of another gender. One source who did not want to be named said “It really is a mess. Some male members think that if they wear lipstick they can use the other toilets dedicated for the LGTB++ members. It has been very disruptive with bouts of intense crying, name calling allegations of toilet trolling.”.

    Labour leader Andrew Little denies there is a problem saying “The rules are new and it is taking a while for some members to remember where to go when they need to go”. Some are saying the confusion is caused by the sheer number of toilet choices and that it is unreasonable that some members and party officials have their own cubicle.

    Some in the party are suggesting that if they can’t get their own toilets in order then how do they expect the public to do so. As one member told us “This is a trial run for a new policy around dunny diversity but will the public vote for it?” It is also rumoured that Matt McCarten has authorised a poll around the usage to prove that all cubicles are being used thereby justifying the cost of the extra 22 toilet stalls.

    (file Photo)

  • rantykiwi

    When is Meteria going to wake up and go in to bat for the poor vegans? It’s just not fair making them into sausages.