New Zealand v Wales Game 3


Please keep the rugby related chats and scores out of Backchat, even when the game is over.? Some people may still want to watch it delayed so let’s not spoil their day.

As per usual, guess the final score before the game starts, and if you’re closest, you get bragging rights for the week.?

Wales are letting some new people have a run tonight, and with the series beyond them, they are expected to chuck in the kitchen sink.? It should be a good one to watch, even though the final result is already known.

All credit to Wales for coming to New Zealand and playing entertaining rugby by taking risks.? The scoreboard, as a result, has not reflected their hard work with the All Blacks using the bench and the last 20 minutes to making it all look a little more flattering than it really was.


Perhaps a little moisture during the game, but it shouldn’t shut it all down.