Dirty Politics: “Business as usual”


It appears the left had some hope that by kicking Whaleoil to touch, they had destroyed National’s ability to get the dirt out.

Danyl at the DimPost notes:

June 28, 2016


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I?m guessing that someone in the National Party who wants to contest the Wellington Central electorate has hired Simon Lusk to smear the Nat?s current candidate. Gallery playing along because they forget nothing but they learn nothing.

The fact the lefty activists even expected it to stop after Dirty Politics is nothing but wishful thinking. Of course, they are still in the dark. Unless they steal another load of emails, they are left to having to guess the real reasons for things.

Nobody is knifing Paul Foster-Bell for Wellington Central. He’s a scum list MP.? Not much point, is there?

The real reason has to do with Foster-Bell’s relations with staff.? One of them has turned and is now doing some payback.

Day one it was excessive travel. Day two it is advocacy for naming State Highway 1 the Cook Highway. If that’s the hit on day two, I can assure you that there is nothing more interesting to come.

Foster-Bell was on position 46 on National’s list during 2014. With Winston and ACT chewing some of National’s support away, and small list adjustments, non-productive and risky list MPs are easily ejected out the back.

But the real surprise is that people even thought attack politics and Whaleoil were exclusive. It has existed before, it exists now, and it will exist in future.

As I’ve said before, all Dirty Politics achieved was a change. For the left to think there was any sort of progress made after the resounding election loss, and the voters’ continued confidence in National, is just self-delusional