Cartoon of the Day


Credit: Roger Price


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  • Nigel_F

    What the hell was he thinking, 10% of our population are insane or naive, the other 90% recognise the Greens are a few sandwiches short, where is the upside for Labour in this.

    • JohnO

      Maybe it is a “strengthen the leadership” thing. Good points for Andrew Little
      1 he has done something (formalised an existing agreement) without stuffing it up. His deeds are usually stuff-ups so this is different.
      2 There are now 2 or three leaders of the “progresive left” rather than 1 leader of the Labour party so he is less of a target.
      3 Labour is in danger of being destroyed by lack of interest. Few members, fewer dollars, no inspiration. An alliance with a more vital partner who can enunciate a reason for being (labour has none) might hold off the destruction a few more elections.

    • Woody

      The Greens have paid up members and as a consequence, MONEY.

  • Cadwallader

    Is that Materia in the cartoon or a certain fat German in drag. The latest political party seems every bit the stitch-up that Mana was in 2014. It will be every bit the failure too.