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Credit:  BoomSlang

Credit: BoomSlang


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  • STAG

    Boomslang has turned out to be a bit of a find. Great stuff, keep it up.

  • Jimmie

    Hmm a pity that ‘Hone’s Hotair’ is only available for local consumption north of Auckland.

    It is such an outstanding product that production should be taken off shore and sold to export markets only – it would reduce the likelihood of it becoming contaminated with cheaper local variants including the ‘Minto Mist’ and the ‘Bradford Blast’.

    Though by itself ‘Hone’s Hotair’ is relatively harmless when it is mixed ‘Kim’s Krautgas’ and huffed it has been known to cause considerable harm to those huffing it – sadly often these folk cannot see the harm caused and keep coming back for more.

    Mind you I have heard that ‘Hone’s Hotair’ is often used by hotair balloonists as a back up in case their lpg burners fail – a couple of cans in the basket will keep the balloon inflated for several hours at a time.

  • cows4me

    “Never runs out”, true but a light wallet seems to give him increased flatulence.