This is what caused a bit of excitement this arvo

Photo/ Whaleoil Media

Photo/ Whaleoil Media

This afternoon in Arkles Bay it has been a bit exciting. We have been visited by a waterspout. I was out at the time but Spanish Bride tells me it felt like a freight train hitting the house.

My neighbour took these photos from his front lawn of the waterspout just off the point at Arkles Bay. That waterspout is about 300m from our houses.  

Photo/ Whaleoil Media

Photo/ Whaleoil Media

The Herald also reports:

Several Hibiscus Coast residents have spotted a waterspout from the sky this afternoon.

Photos and videos of the waterspout over Arkles Bay have emerged online.

A waterspout is a columnar vortex, appearing as a funnel-shaped cloud, which occurs over a body of water.

MetService severe weather forecaster Heath Gullery confirmed the formation was a waterspout.

“Waterspouts are fairly uncommon,” he said. “They usually form in heavy showers or thunderstorms. In this particular case it was formed in heavy showers.”

Waterspouts are formed by the turning of the wind and updraft of wind, he said.

One or two more waterspouts were possible north of Albany this afternoon if the heavy rain continued, he said.

PHOTO- The NZ Herald

PHOTO- The NZ Herald


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  • Doc45

    Definitely climate change. We never had water spouts last year.

    • Old Man, Torbay.

      But we had one in 2012 in the Waiake beach Area.