Clinton camp wants Trump to stop using Twitter

This is getting beyond absurd, but continues to be the best show in town:

Ms Clinton’s account is a professionally run, deliberately savvy political communication device, while Mr Trump’s appears to be unfiltered and written by himself.


Professionally run?   Hiils should get her money back. 


[Clinton’s] tweet was a response to the former Celebrity Apprentice host’s insult over President Barack Obama’s endorsement of Ms Clinton, and he has since responded again with yet another insult.

These latest blows traded across the micro-blogging service represent the stark differences in how the candidates’ accounts are used.

The paid-for experts can’t figure out that they shouldn’t actually engage.  There is no way you can ever win when Trump is willing to say anything at all.




Perhaps the Tweet about shutting his Twitter account down was more of a Freudian Slip showing the underlying frustration the Clinton camp have trying to wrestle an angry eel in a bucket of snot.


– Twitter, via Newshub


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  • Mark

    Oh the satisfying America zinger sure satisfied me,brilliant!

  • sheppy

    Nobody does freedom of speech quite like the left….

  • Usually no one does nasty like the left – however i think Clintons camp is seriously over estimating themselves if they think they can take on Trump via Twitter
    Twitter is a cesspit of bullies – and theres a new king in town who isnt interested in playing by their rules

  • Left Right Out

    Personally I think it’s a sad reflection of America that these 2 are the best the US can come up with…….but I don’t mind the anti establishment banter of Trump….. The media and career politicians just don’t know what to do about it

    • jimknowsall

      True. As is oft said about Trump, he is beholden to no one. This not only means he doesn’t have to worry about donors and lobbyists, but unlike most of us, he can’t be shut down with the threat of being fired for un-PC sentiments, which is the usual way that SJWs enforce their views.

  • Jaffa

    One of these pathetic people is going to be the American President, and leader of the Free World.

    If that doesn’t frighten you,………….it should!

    • Boondecker

      Doesn’t frighten me at all. Like the article states… it’s the best show in town and long may it continue. It’s a verbal war of attrition, a political blood sport that eventually will leave just one standing. Here’s hoping it’s Trump, of course.

      • Seriously?

        It is a great watch, and only going to get better, but like Jaffa I’d rather there didn’t need to be a winner at the end of it.

  • Seriously?

    She would do better to encourage his twitter use.

    It is only ever preaching to the converted, and chasing their votes is a pointless waste of time. In the meantime, he is providing great quotes to throw back in his face when the time arises – global warming is a Chinese manufacturing sector conspiracy? Really? I wonder what his view on the moon landings is.

    • JKV

      That’s rubbish. The Donald knows that the whole global warming thing is a complete scam. Saying that it originates with the Chinese just rubs salt in the wound. Heartland Democrats who have lost their jobs to this scam will only approve – and vote accordingly. It’s smart politics.

    • Monty’smate

      Yes, we all know that global warming is really caused by flatulent cows.

  • Keanne Lawrence

    Pity MacDonald’s grabbed the “lovin’ it” slogan first but it fits good here even if it prompts visions of cardboard buns and limp lettuce. Lol

  • cows4me

    This will be doing the lefts head’s in, what a shocking development, someone with the cheek to match their intellectual prowess in twittering.

  • Huia

    They have tried every trick in the book to shut Trump down so I guess this is just the latest in a long tasteless attacks.
    As Trump said “he is sick to death of the corruption now in and around Washington”, that must be scaring Hills and Obama silly with all their money making schemes under threat.

  • Genevieve

    It’s a bit rich of Hilary telling Donald to delete his account, when she is the expert on deleting information that she doesn’t want traced.

  • JLS

    Oh that last tweet- what a ripper- go Trump- this is going to be such fun!

  • FornaK

    Is it just me that finds that last tweet of Trumps quite humouress?
    Brutal, but humouress.

    • Monty’smate

      It’s just you I’m sorry to say! Bill Clinton was a sexist and abusive slimeball and Hillary his ‘enabler’. Fact.