Some Leaders are more equal than others

Animal Farm by George Orwell – DePorridge

Animal Farm by George Orwell – DePorridge

Andrew Little sent me another e-mail. In it a photo was selected by his team to represent the new Labour and Green memorandum of understanding. It showed The Labour leader and Deputy leader and the two Green co-leaders. I am sure that they had a wide selection of photos to choose from, so the fact that they selected this particular photo is very telling.

A picture tells a thousand words and this photo tells us who the power players are. The subject of the photo is the two people in the foreground, Andrew Little and Metiria  Turei. What this placement tells us is that they are the two leaders.

James Shaw is co-leader in name only. In reality he is Deputy leader to Turei as he has been relegated to the background. This is also demonstrated by the fact that he and Turei do not agree on the purpose of the memo with Labour. Turei said there is no possibility of a coalition with National and that the whole point of the memorandum is to change the government. Shaw on the other hand wants the Green Party to negotiate with whichever party  needs their support to form a government.

The placement of Labour’s Deputy Leader Annette King in this photo is appalling. She appears as little more than a furry hump on Andrew Little’s shoulder. Not only is she behind him she is obliterated by him. Clearly her value to the Labour party is very low and she is expected to be neither seen nor heard.

Remember this is not a random photo selected by the Media to illustrate a story. This is a photo selected by Labour to promote Andrew Little’s latest speech, the memorandum of understanding between the Labour party and the Green party as well as to yet again ask for money.

Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 8.38.53 AM

This photo tells us that Little and Turei are running the show. It tells us that King is unimportant and that Shaw ( judging by his weak smile ) is not particularly happy about it.


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  • Sailor Sam

    “We can’t do it without you”.
    Says a lot about how much power you have over him.
    Don’t give him $3 and he won’t get elected.
    Easy Peasy!

  • sandalwood789

    “We have to kick John Key out…”

    That’s the kind of thing you’d expect to hear in a sandpit filled with six-year-olds.

  • Second time around

    The McGillicuddy Serious Party merges with dour Andrew Little’s sad mob. If it was only the picture I would have doubts, but Turei’s demeanour, Shaw’s inability to rationalise the merger, andAndrew spouting green nonsense at the Greens AGM all show it as a strategic victory for Turei. It’s all about her, and it doesn’t matter if noone has a clue how to solve homelessness, much less how to clean up a single stream, she has won a major victory.

  • Christie

    It is also concerning that the quote is from Animal Farm – you know, the parody on communism?

    • sandalwood789

      I think that’s just the photo that SB chose for the article heading, not the one in the Labour pamphlet.

      • shykiwibloke

        Nope. See paragraph five. This is the official photo. Perhaps neither party can afford a proper photographers sitting fee, or it was really difficult to get the four of them to stand still AND smile. You know what they say about working with Children and Animals – perhaps that applies to politicians of a different stripe also.

  • Genevieve

    It’s nice that Andy let his pet gerbil sit on his shoulder for the photo.

  • cows4me

    The photo has in the background it’s token vagina and penis, you now how the left are big on all inclusiveness. The only thing missing is a couple of gays and transvestites, now that would be a real family photo.

    • Wolfman Jack

      Maybe they are not missing

  • Miss Phit

    Lol. It just gets better.

    Shaw should have a chat to act about increasing their green ideals and jump ship next election. If he became the enviro green part of act they might steal some votes from centrist greenies. An alternative to the green in name party would split their vote and get a green focus around the big table where it can have impact on policy.

  • Bob Dazzler

    Oh, oh, three and a bit muppets smiling at the same time.

  • Keeping Stock

    I have a monthly automatic payment donation to the National Party. By no means however am I a “very wealthy” individual; my contribution is modest.

    What Little and co fail to realise, as they demonise those who support the current administration, is that people vote with their wallets. I certainly do not agree with everything the current government does, but I believe they are the best option for New Zealand at this point in time. And I’m happy to put my money where my mouth is.

    Instead of launching a campaign to “Kick John Key (and National) out”, LaGreen ought to be telling the voting public what they would do differently to make New Zealand a better place. Until they do that, they will be reduced to begging for scraps from punters who are generally satisfied with the economic direction of New Zealand. I don’t however see that happening any time soon.

  • Sally

    This is the same photo they used on the Labour FB page when announcing the MoU. It is dreadful photo. To show Annette King as a bit of fluff on Little’s shoulder is actually a bit of an insult to her. It would have been better to leave her out of the photo altogether.
    Labour’s fundraising efforts are no better than beggars on the streets. Certainly couldn’t call them buskers as there is no talent.

    • one for the road

      I think she must of been having a ‘bad hair day’

  • karbonpete

    There something significant about Annette King being obliterated in that photo. I have to assume she wants no part of the “MOU”.

    Regardless of that, call me old fashioned but what sort of man stands in front of a lady in that way? Ignorant? Narcissistic? Gormless? Not nice in my book.

  • kayaker

    I get the same emails – the “kick John Key out” line is just puerile. It’s easy to see it’s McCarten-speak. Angry Spittle is no better.

    In a previous post I mentioned that I study body language for a hobby. You’re spot on here, SB. My observation of the body language between Angry and Meteria on The Nation was a man who’s defeated/conceded and the cat who’s got the cream, respectively. Contrast that to Angry and James on Q&A on Sunday. Angry just went to his default mode – housing, homeless, education, health, we’re all going to hell in a hand basket etc. – and got angrier. James was more like a calm hand on the tiller. He was contained – almost the voice of reason – and clearly embarrassed by Angry’s same old boring here we go again antics. I think James is in the wrong place politically.

    Edit: punctuation

  • KGB

    Poor Annette used and abused to “steady the ship” since Andy’s enforced leadership. No longer of any use at all, not even a photo opportunity.
    No paint tins on hand to hide Shaw?

  • EpochNZ

    Where does this mythical “$3” come from? It just seems an odd amount to keep rabbiting on about? I can only think for the supporters of the left who can only count in dollar values depending on what coins they have in their pockets that 3$ magically equates to $5, not $2?

    • kayaker

      It used to be $2. Blame inflation which is all John Key’s fault.

      • Brian

        Is it the price of a Big mac or a jug???

    • Totara

      They must be trying to appeal to all the Rarotongans. They have the world’s only $3 note.

  • Bryan

    okay so they want to launch a “Kick John Key out” campaign, so what’s to stop us running a “Kick Labour to Kerb” campaign or “Grind the Greens into the Ground” campaign known them as “KLK and GGG” would make a good chant at rallies

  • 10cents

    They seriously selected that as the best photo they had to represent their team? If I saw that in my album it would not survive the first cut. It is a total and deliberate slap in the face for Annette. Just appalling.

  • Graham Pilgrim

    Yes. That photograph is right there on Labour’s website. It should be publicised far and wide as a warning to those who may seek to endanger the re-election of a National led Government.

  • Keanne Lawrence

    Henry is trying to help by giving Shaw a bit of solo exposure this morning of the lopsided Green opinion that it will cost billions to clean up NZ rivers not millions. According to “some” estimates he has found.
    NewShub is made up of these sound bites as Henry attempts to “make” news which have people heading off to find real news. However lingering long enough there came gem from Shaw. Asked about the MOU and his view on the Mud Mob mix he said “I haven’t spoken to them yet.”
    This reinforces what is said above with Shaw slipping to the Deputy Dan spot and King just a frizzy thing attached to Angry Andy that he can’t shake off.
    The begging for $3 is no blunder as they have covered all the inflationary pressures to boost it 33% and they already have the biggest collection of $3 notes in politics.

  • WBC

    Fortunately poor Snowball needs to actually get into power before he can abuse it. The real shame is that we have so little left of an opposition that Labour has declared they are now on par with the Greens…

  • R&BAvenger

    A few points about Angry’s message regarding donations :

    “We are relying on your support to get John Key and National out.” – No policies yet then? No reasons why to vote for the Labour/Green hydra, instead of National.

    “Every year, National has large donations pouring in from a small group of very wealthy individuals” – I was one of those donors during the last election. I do not donate every year, I may donate to National next year and possibly ACT, but I am not wealthy, or what you would deem wealthy, unless you think that someone on or about the median wage who is a home owner is ‘wealthy’?

    According to many sources your party is dead broke and you have fewer than 1500 paid up members. Guess why that is? This has been going on since the 2011 election at least. Why have your party failed to turn this around? Why are the well healed unions not bankrolling you?, they usually do.

    You are a crap proposition to back as far as working people and the inspirational amongst use do, hence your poor showing both in membership and donations.

    People will back a winner and someone with a good product and track record to sell. Labour/Greens and NZF aren’t it.

  • Rick H

    All three in the photo (that you can see) failed to be elected as an MP.
    They all should really, not be in parliament at all.

  • andrewo

    Telling indeed!
    I have great faith in both Material Girl’s ability to screw up and for the agreement to fall apart once stressed by an election.
    So my guess is that Shaw can sit back, watch and wait for his chance.

    • Valid Point

      Totally agree. Shaws a smart guy biding his time.

      • Rob

        You can tell by his performance and attitude at Question Time that he is trying to create the right reasonably moderate impression(not that I would ever vote for him)

  • Dumrse

    I’ve realised why they hang around in three’s. One can read, one can write and Andrew likes hanging around with intellectuals.