Compete waste of council resources, ‘cos some freaks want to sit down to wee




If you would like to participate, you too can email the Rainbow Communities Advisory Panel.  Address your email to [email protected] and use the subject heading “Feedback on all-gender toilet sign trial”.

It’s the same toilet. Just a different sign.

There will be a trial, but they want you to let them know what you think about it. It being… a sign.

You’re welcome.



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  • Sally

    Dear Rainbow Committee
    Only one word needed “toilet”.

  • edenman

    why not just put ‘Toilet’ on the door. Sensible people will understand.

    • Larry

      Perfect. All those other signs are just creating an opportunity for someone to “feel” EXCLUDED.

  • oldmanNZ

    I wonder if Bunnings will start selling all gender Toilets as well.

    when I work as a security guard late at night..I sometimes use the ladies loos, as it was generally nicer and cleaner.

    Didnt feel uncomfortable, but bet if there was a ladie in there she would be uncomfortable?

    So this Rainbow Panel, come up with a brilliant idea, to have a all gender sign. for people that dont know if they should sit or stand or squat.

  • Carl

    You are not meant to park in disabled car parks but it is ok to use the toilets made for them.

  • cows4me

    And while you’re at it you mos well wipe your arse with bank notes. Are we going though a run of full moons or am I the going insane? The idiots in charge of this country have been hijacked by fruitloop issues and politically correct crap. Are there no people left with more than two brain cells to rub together ? Roads, water, sewage, you know COUNCIL stuff, not the utter money wasting dribble from brain dead leftist noddys.

  • waldopepper

    im getting fed up with this “re arranging of society” for the convenience of an absolute minority. i cant help but note how transgender and gay are becoming the new normal.

  • metalnwood

    Places are full of unisex toilets, thats what they have been called as far as I remember. Some toilets have signs of females, some have signs of males and some have signs of both signalling unisex toilet, unless they have a sign that says ‘Unisex’

    Why do we need anything different that doesn’t actually change anything except the name of it?

    The sign says ‘We would like your feedback ON THIS SIGN’. Perhaps thats where feedback should go.

  • Tippex

    How about compulsory litter-boxes for those of us who identify as Cats.

  • Wayne Hodge

    And they wonder why people find Auckland Council untrustworthy and irrelevant. Really!

  • herewego

    What’s the bit that cut off at the bottom below the “Be the how”?

    Almost a photo comp:

    Be the how…
    … we want you to wee?
    … we want you to live?
    … we tell you to think?
    … we can feel safe?

    PS/edit – love the reference to “Future programmes” – this is just the start of more of this!

  • Tiger

    This will allow Len to pursue his hobby after he is out of the Mayor’s office, hanging around toilets. What a complete waste of space. If the fish rots from the head, the Auckland council are “Surstromming”.

  • jimknowsall

    The irritating thing about all this is that in the interest of making a tiny fraction of a percent of people feel a bit more comfortable, men are forced to lose the convenience and speed of using a urinal, which also happens to be easily the most cost effective and space saving option. If it starts happening too much, I might just start peeing against the wall where the urinals used to be and perhaps they’ll get the message.

  • Gazza

    Email rant completed and sent…..

    • Shalice

      Oh, let us know if there’s a reply!!!!

      • Gazza

        so far just an auto-responder….

  • -D

    The loony fringe have captured the throne (so to speak).

  • We should standardize all toilet signs. F for females, M for males and W for weirdos and wheelchairs. Problem solved.

    • Dumrse

      Don’t forget to have one for the P users.

      • Nah. They can use the W. Assuming that they actually use a toilet, of course (as opposed to a convenient lamp post or bush)

  • Santa Fe fan

    What is a ‘binary’ male or female bathroom for pity’s sake???

    • Rick H

      This is a Binary “toilet”

      01110100 01101111 01101001 01101100 01100101 01110100

  • Digger

    Yay! My house, built in 1965, has a rainbow toilet! So far ahead of it’s time.

  • Doc45

    1. A meeting of all sexes, intersex, transgender, transsexual, gender neutral staff will be held in the neutral meeting room on the first floor to discuss toilet signs. The meeting will be jointly chaired by a female, male, intersex, transgender, transsexual and gender neutral chair thing. Minutes will be recorded by a female, male, intersex, transgender, transsexual and gender neutral secretary.

  • Doc45


  • Doc45


  • WBC

    Why has Rainbow been hijacked? Didn’t it used to represent peace? If it was going to represent a form of diversity wouldn’t it be better used to describe racial inclusiveness?