Of course Annette King has seen it before, she was there when Parliament first convened

via Stuff

via Stuff

Labour says the National Party shouldn’t scoff at its memorandum of understanding with the Greens, because they’re only following in their footsteps.

Deputy leader Annette King told Paul Henry on Friday morning the MOU is “nothing new”.

“The National Party had a memorandum of understanding with the Green Party.”

She’s talking about the Greens and National’s ‘shared policy initiatives’ agreement of 2009, when the rivals set aside their differences to get houses insulated and work on energy efficiency.

Seven years later, the Greens have signed a deal with Labour to work together to wrest power from National, after refusing to do so at the previous two elections.

“This one is around us working together cooperatively up to the election because we want to change the Government. That won’t please everybody… but it’s what we’ve decided to do.”

Ms King says it’s better than “just having a cup of tea down somewhere in Auckland a week before the election”.  […]

Though the tea is no longer brewing, Ms King says National has effective MOUs with not just ACT, but also “bland” Peter Dunne and the Maori Party.”If they didn’t have those two, they wouldn’t make up the Government.”

What a load of twaddle.  A coalition agreement is a lot more involved that a “MOU”.  Also, the arrangement that the Greens had with National was to achieve something with government, something positive and constructive, while Labour and Green now only agree to work together to more effectively destroy the government, and nothing else.

She is right in the sense it is nothing new because the Internet Party and the Mana Movement did the same thing before the last election.  Bereft of any common goal other than to end John Key’s reign at the top, they also stated that the cooperation was purely to bring National down, and it may very well dissolve after the election.  And it did.

The MOU is nothing but a failed publicity stunt.  It is stillborn.   It is another “seeing to be doing something” move from two parties who are totally out of ideas as to how to form a credible opposition.


– Newshub


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  • Dave

    The greens had an agreement to work on the insulation project “Warm up NZ” and Energy Efficiency, 2 very clear items and objectives, there was no other agreement at all between National and the Greens

    Labours agreement is as broad as, nothing is defined as being agreed to or disagreed to, except GET JK AND NATIONAL. No agreed public statements, no who takes the lead on this or that, just a cluster agreement, yup, its a cluster thingy.

  • sandalwood789

    Annette King should really be off baking batches of scones for the local bowling club rather than hanging around Parliament.

    • Tom

      Maybe she just likes being miserable. I cant think of any other reason for being a Socialist!

  • shykiwibloke

    Ten points for trying. Annette must get sick of patting the other MPs on the head, cleaning up their messes and trying to give them the benefit of her political experience.

  • Gazza

    LOL , I watch King on Tuesday night , I noticed she seemed decidedly uneasy , one must come to the conclusion that Labour and the to a lesser extent have been forced to form this cosy duopoly of the deluded , I think she is desperate not to see the Labour party get slaughtered and damaged over this , there is inevitability with the joining at the hips .
    Mrs King would have you believe National and the Greens had the same duopoly as the Green Labour party now have , this is crazy , they did agree on home insulation , which was fine , but that policy was for only a few , now this government is going to have insulated 500000 houses by the end of this election cycle , and the greenLabour party are aghast , nope King sees the problem for Labour , and as we always say on the right , EXPLAINING IS LOSING :)

    • sandalwood789

      If I remember correctly, she’s almost *70* now. What a sad way to spend the last years of your life – sitting in Parliament and squawking away instead of sitting on a nice deserted beach somewhere. How sad it is that she will never know that she has devoted her life to a failed ideology.

      Anyway, thanks Annette. Thanks for staying there and doing your bit to stop any renewal of the Labour Party.

      ( Edit – typo )

  • This is the reality of politics under MMP. What would now be great is for Winston to declare an alliance with National. That would attract a lot of votes for NZ First, simply because National would no longer need to pander to the Maori Party. The troughing by “Maori” elites including the Waitangi Tribunal is way out of hand, leading our nation towards a kind of reverse apartheid. Winston would personally benefit hugely, being able to negotiate a senior cabinet position almost immediately. NZ First would again become a powerful political force able to institute policy instead of sitting on the sidelines carping at everyone else.

  • 1dafool

    We’ve advised the Greens that we can hardly pay for our billboards and hoardings and reached an understanding that they will only deface National election propaganda as that is the right thing to do in a democracy.

  • WBC

    For her own sake she should really just leave. There is no shame in declaring that the party you have been a part of for so long has been overrun by imbeciles who couldn’t organise inflation in Venezuela and that you simply have too many brain cells to be on the same level as your leader.

    • D.Dave

      Tis better that she stay on, as AA has his sights on her seat. I would rather have him on the list, thus shortening the odds of him returning. It would even be worth the Nats letting Labour have a couple of seats, as the party vote is the one that defines his political future.

  • Monty

    Although I am blue all the way, I very much like Annette. Labour needs many more like her. she is one of the scant few on the red team who seems to have a drive and determination. While others may disagree with me, she does not have the incessant negativity that so many of her colleagues seem to have, and indeed I think she approaches her job with good humour and gives as good as she gets. Definitely not a hater, but she is very loyal to the Labour cause (lost as it might be)

  • Dumrse

    Most other MOU’s and Coalition Agreements hinged on POLICY, not a burning desire, acknowledged and confirmed, to simply take down a current Goverment. POLICIES, that’s what we want to hear about, you dipsticks.

    • ex-JAFA

      But both parties have tried telling us about their policies. Oh, how we laughed! They’ve had to think of something else now, because the believable policy fairy hasn’t been visiting them.

  • seismac

    Hey look you all have very short memories Annette was the Labour chick who was first into parliament after the election that Labour won , to get the best office by getting the best desks etc before the rest arrived — remember cosy with Philida Bunckle ??
    King was the Mp who gave her parliamentary car to her daughters boyfriend to right off – and wasnt she the mp of sleaze who had a flatmate or matette who chased small boys down the road naked
    Shes too old now to even remember these memory problems — just a taker of govt money and hang the rest —waste of space miss King

  • Keanne Lawrence

    King has really started to show her age and while this old biddy has certainly been around a long time she seems to have actually seen little and understood even less.
    She now only has one standard practice of continuous heckling in and out of the house evidenced by even just a couple of minutes on the PH show.
    Her standard line of twaddle does not improve with repetition so short exposure is enough as she prattles on over everybody else and avoids any direct questions. It is a sad way to end such a long run in politics. Approaching being put out to pasture without having ever reached a point that might be considered “best” only to finally realise it is leaving while taking care not to have the door knock her over as she waddles away.

  • Rick H

    I can’t draw a decent picture, or cartoon to save myself, but I do OK at “reassembling”.