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  • Uncle Bully

    I drive most days on Ford Rd. Without fail, every year during the Christmas break, the sign disappears, as the area is visited by bogan holiday makers. Yet Rodney Council learned years ago that to avoid the need to replace the signs for Lovers Lane they need to be at least 5m off the ground and on a steel or concrete pole. If you want one you need to bring your own ladder.

    • rantykiwi

      Challenge accepted…. those poles unbolt at the base.

      • Uncle Bully

        It’s on SH1, so try not to drop it across the highway else you might attract attention and possible damage your sign.

    • EvoDriver

      When I lived in Hamilton, the signs for Holden Ave and Ford St disappeared all the time. One day they replaced them with very big chunky supports, straps and bolts – you can see they’ve obviously made a real effort, and I haven’t seen them go missing since then (although I don’t go through Hamilton that much these days).

  • taxpayer

    I used to live on a street called Kilkenny Way, I always wanted to sneak down and write “you bastards” on the bottom of the sign but never got around to it.