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  • Woody

    I want some of those blueberries but I need to know, are they eaten or applied topically to get the full effect?

  • Tiger

    Excellent collage today. I like the MECATNIC…

  • Uncle Bully

    A company I used to work for had a policy requiring employees to lock their PCs while unattended. If one was found unattended and unlocked, someone else would likely send a resignation email from that unattended PC.

    • 1dafool

      We did that but it got out of hand once, now it’s send yourself an abusive email and reply back confirming your mothers heritage and how upset and surprised you are to receive such a missive.

    • SlightlyStrange

      Laptop left unlocked = “you’re fired” letter sent from said laptop to the woman sitting two desks over. Thankfully she saw both the situation (she was at her desk at the time and realised someone else was in her bosses desk) and the humour.

  • KiwiLliz

    Great collection today. Love that accusing look from the cat whose staff is drinking from the ‘dog’ mug ;-)

  • metalnwood

    I once interviewed a person for a job, he was still working somewhere else at the time, about 30 minutes in he recognised who I was and that he had just taken credit for most of what I had done when I worked where he was. It was highly awkward for him at that point!