Daily Roundup




Disabled is now also a gender.  And pink.   And kale.













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  • ex-JAFA

    The tranny looks mildly pleased to see the invalid.

    • Nechtan

      Seems to me wheelchair dude is doing a runner from the uprights (or is that wheeler?)

      • sheppy

        Wheelchair person has got fed up with all the PC rubbish and is off to get on with his / hers / whatever’s life

        • Nige.

          I expect wheelers see things from a whole different perspective when it comes to this transgender nonsense

    • herewego

      First thing I thought when I saw the half skirt – had to be a bloke ( or rather a person will male bits in a dress/gown/ethnically appropriate outfit suitably excited about some that aligned with their relative preferences)

  • Charlie

    I think that you need to be careful. Showing a human wearing a skirt could be seen to be sexual stereotyping?

    • WBC

      Not if it’s representing a bloke. I’m not sure why the one standing on the right appears to be farting towards the disabled person though, maybe that’s why they seem to be trying to wheel away quickly.

  • Socus was the Egyptian god of crocodiles. Isis was an Egyptian goddess. Coincidence? I don’t think so…

  • willtin

    Sooo, the Turn On Switch; And then there’s nothing there; Whose Life has felt like that?

  • Jude

    The Uni sex toilets just relabel as any sex?

    • ex-JAFA

      They’ll all have to be disabled-sized if there’s to be any sex. So I’ve heard.

      • Jude

        Ok then up large relabel and no need for “seperate “toilets.

        • WBC

          So just Group Sex then?

    • Dave

      Yes Jude, perhaps a different sign.

      Its just a loo, use it at your own discretion, otherwise there is a bush outside. Your choice.

    • Dumrse

      Uni sex…… such an unbecomming term nowadays.

      • Jude

        Agree maybe just ” Toilet”…

  • metalnwood

    The cleaner asked for a pay rise, instead he got given a new job description in lieu of more pay. ‘Restroom technician’. My first act would be to remove the switch as well.

  • InnerCityDweller

    Disabled is a gender as much as “English as your second language” is an urgent medical problem…