Eleanor Catton movie leaks online prior to premiere at NZ Film Festival

via Metro Mag

via Metro Mag

Eleanor Catton was elevated against her will as a prominent New Zealander after winning the Man Booker Prize for her hefty tome.? Fellow citizens were delighted, and just as they like to bathe in the reflected glory of an All Blacks victory as if they had personally had to pick the mud and grass from their teeth after a try, they claimed Ms Catton’s achievement as their own.

And that’s where things went wrong.

Ms Catton venomously retorted that the prize was hers and hers alone.? That nobody else could take credit for it.? And she even got stuck into the government for providing no financial support for writers like herself.

Not surprisingly, this turned the public against Ms Catton, and the whole glow of having a Man Booker Prize winning author among us was quickly forgotten – her name erased from a list of names that include Christian Cullen, John Britten and Ed Hillary.

It appears Ms Catton didn’t just strike a nerve, she left a deep gash on our national psyche.? As a result, hackers have secured a copy of her latest movie and released it to the Internet.

It is not for me to make a value judgment about this, but if you like to have a sneak peak, you can watch it here.