Even his deputy is telling Corbyn time is up as Labour implodes

The Labour party are on their knees right now, hemorrhaging as their leadership fight takes hold. When the deputy leader says time’s up then time’s up for the leader.

Tom Watson has told the Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn, that he has lost his authority within the parliamentary party and that if there was a leadership election then members would be voting with that knowledge.

In critical talks at 9am on Monday morning, the deputy leader set out how destabilising a wave of shadow cabinet and ministerial resignations had been for the party, but fell short of calling on Corbyn to resign.

Labour sources, including those close to the leader, admitted that a leadership election was looking increasingly likely, with Watson telling Corbyn he would do his best to hold the party together.

Corbyn remained defiant, with his team reiterating his words on Sunday night: ?Those who want to change Labour?s leadership will have to stand in a democratic election, in which I will be a candidate.? ??

Corbyn said he would not ?betray the trust? of the Labour members who voted for him.

Monday?s meeting came after the leader announced a raft of shadow cabinet appointments amid further frontbench resignations and calls that Corbyn stand down.

More than dozen junior shadow ministers were resigning on Monday ? following in the footsteps of 12 members of Corbyn?s shadow cabinet on Sunday. Party figures were due to meet on Monday afternoon to discuss a motion of no confidence in Corbyn, which is expected to be debated in the evening at the parliamentary Labour party (PLP).

Corbyn really thinks he is the High Sparrow doesn’t he?

Labour are riven with infighting and a debilitating and nasty fight amongst the members is the last thing they need.

If the Tories were smart they’d get Boris in as PM quick smart then call an election.

Labour has to choose to support the call for an election and fight leaderless – or at least be lead by an idiot like Corbyn, or oppose an early election and tear themselves apart in?the?process. Either way they are screwed.


– The Guardian