An Ex-Muslim woman’s thoughts on the Florida massacre

As many of you know I follow a number of ex-Muslim blogs and facebook pages. I prefer to learn about Islam not only from those who have studied Islam or who are Muslims themselves but also from apostates. The blog post below was written by a woman who has spent the last year learning to cope after being cut off by her entire family because she no longer wanted to follow their family religion. It has been an extremely painful journey for her.

Orlando killings- is Islam to blame?

This blog is going to be a bit different to my usual. This one is my thoughts on what happened in Orlando. I wouldn?t usually post anything about things like this, but I am deeply saddened by what has happened and ?I am also angry. I am reading many posts on Twitter, about what provoked this man to do what he did. A lot of people are saying religion can?t be blamed and that Islam isn?t homophobic. I am not saying Islam is 100% to blame, but I don?t understand how anyone can deny it does promote homophobia.

Now let me tell you a bit about my younger days ? I grew up with a father who when I was 15, told me ?if it was up to me, I?d stand all the gays in a line and shoot them?. I questioned why this was (I had gay friends at school and they were lovely so I was confused) ? and he told me ?because it is haram?. This is just one of many homophobic comments that my father made. When I got a bit older, I started speaking up and telling him that I think what he is saying is wrong ? I would get asked to leave the room or told ?so you think you know better than Allah?.

I recall reading the Qur?an in English, and being sickened when I actually did see how homophobic Islam was (and still is!) To me, it makes sense that these people are carrying out these awful acts ? their God tells them that being gay is awful and they will do anything to please their God. Luckily, a lot of Muslims are good people and in some ways will cherry pick which bits of the Qur?an to follow. So in no way am I saying Muslims are bad people ? the majority are not, but Islam IS (in my opinion) the cause of a lot of hate and judgement, and the case of killings such as what has happened in Orlando. If you truly believe Islam does not promote these things I suggest you read into it yourself. Until we (and this includes Muslims) accept that Islam IS a big contributor to homophobic views, I don?t see anything changing anytime soon.

Thoughts and love to the LGBT community and those affected by what has happened.