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Today’s face of the day, Shawn Ahmed, is an openly gay liberal Muslim in Canada with a huge online following. Shawn made an attempt on Twitter to bridge the gap between the gay community and Islam after the Orlando terrorist attack

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Screen Shot 2016-06-23 at 6.07.29 PM


What happened next led him to comment that he felt broken.



A reporter from Rebel Media did a video about what happened to him and he responded with…




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  • Mark156

    Is western civilisation reaching a tipping point?

    • Mike

      Rational society has already reached that point… the noisy minority has not, and because they are so noisy they drive policy.

      So really it’s our own fault for not standing up and countering their noise with our facts. When you hear a socialist PC “do gooder” say things that aren’t true or don’t align with your values tell. Write letters to the editor, ring talk back radio, write a post on FB and start a subject tending. Talk to your local MP. He’ll stay a petition.

      The louder we are the more likely governments will listen us.

      Drown out the noise with logic and rationality.

    • OneTrack

      Looking at Europe it is past the tipping point.

  • Nige.

    It’s pathetic. All religions really miss the message which is written by whichever “prophet” or muse or whatever/whoever slipped in there:

    Treat people how you want to be treated.

    It’s there is all of them.

    I take my faith in the quote “god didn’t create religion. Man did.”

    I don’t believe any god wants anyone to go without eating during the day, I don’t believe and God wants to be worshipped 16 times a day and be pointed in a certain direction.

    You go and be the best human being you can be and at the end if there is heaven then your in.

    • Miss McGerkinshaw

      Much as I believe in the ‘do unto others’ my quirky mind often wonders ‘But what if I’m a sadist? Does that mean I can beat people with impunity?’

      Rhetorical question and obviously doing unto others is the best starting point for any interaction. That is until someone points out perhaps that they don’t like something I am doing as they prefer it done differently. Then it’s time to either modify the behaviour towards them or, knowingly, continue to annoy/irritate them.

      • RD

        Only if you are also a masochist?

        • Miss McGerkinshaw

          Well spotted and you’re correct, corrected now.

  • pirate vs ninja

    This is doing the rounds on Facebook again. It’s an oldie but a goodie and an attack on Christians rather than Muslims but the point is the same. https://lostinthe21stcentury.com/2010/07/25/dr-laura-schlessinger-leviticus-and-homosexuality-the-famous-open-letter/

  • raumatirover

    There are Libyan Muslims fighting ISIS in Lybia. One of the Lybian fighters said “Islamic faith has no room for them. They are outsiders and it is permitted to kill them and treat them with no mercy.” (BBC). If he’s saying that about fellow Muslims then what’s he thinking about other faiths?

  • Really?

    And what?
    He’s surprised at the reaction he got from the followers of the Religion of Peace?
    I would be surprised if he got any other reaction.

    • spanishbride

      I understand better now that I have written an article about the difference in worldview between left and right. He sees the world how he wants it to be while I see it as it is.

  • intelligentes candida diva

    He is being true to himself and only he knows his heart attitude and relationship with Allah

    He has shown courage,
    he has shown freedom of choice &
    he has shown freedom of speech,
    attributes of life that I support and so I support him.

  • Ghost

    Feel sorry for the guy, he believes he is a muslim, you would have to worry about his safety if he ever want to be a proper muslim and complete a hajj. How does he reconcile his lifestyle with what is written in the quran hadith and sunnah? Not one to dictate what people should believe in but maybe he should find another god, one that accepts him as he is and truly reflects his desire to help people.

  • powderburns

    Poor guy.

    I think with each new edition of whatever bible, the intent gets warped. Then men come and create religious organisations, constructs and interpretations, and the intent gets warped. Occasionally utterly corrupted.

    Stick with the earliest edition you can find, and make your own mind up. Free yourself from the barking mad interpretations.

    Perhaps the pagans had it right.