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Today’s Face of the Day is the man who shot John Lennon.

Mark Chapman had been loitering outside the Dakota building all day.

As Lennon made his way into the building from his limo at 10.50pm, Chapman shot him twice in the back and twice in the shoulder.

Lennon stumbled into the building mumbling ‘I’m shot’ before falling face down.

Why is this relevant now? Because a shirt with Lennon’s blood on it recently sold at auction. 


A shirt stained with John Lennon’s blood from the night he was murdered has sold for a whopping £31,000.

Concierge Jay Hastings was wearing the white shirt as part of his uniform at the Dakota building in New York when Lennon was shot by deranged fan Mark Chapman.

As the former Beatle stumbled through the door and collapsed Mr Hastings rushed to help him.

While he tried to give him aid some of Lennon’s blood soaked into his shirt which is still visible today on the chest and sleeves.

Mr Hastings covered Lennon’s chest with his uniform jacket, took off the star’s glasses and called the police.

The macabre piece of memorabilia which was sold on Saturday by the former porter smashed its £7,000 estimate.

Mr Hastings had a good working relationship with the Lennon and Yoko Ono and also included in the sale is a copy of the album Double Fantasy signed ‘To Jay, Love John Lennon Yoko Ono’.

There is also a Thanksgiving card from the family dated 1978 with a printed message, doodle and signatures from John, Yoko and Sean, and a typed letter from Yoko Ono two weeks after her husband’s death thanking the staff for their support, in its original envelope with ‘Jay Hastings’ written on the front.

Garry Shrum, from Heritage Auctions, said: ‘Jay Hastings kept this shirt all these years and never really spoke about it.

‘It has just been sitting in a drawer for years and now he is getting older he felt it was time to sell it.

‘There are remnants of blood on the shirt. Some people might be appalled but it’s a piece of history.

‘We did ask ourselves ‘is this too dark or wrong to sell’ but I don’t think it is.

‘He is not exploiting John Lennon’s death. He is telling the story of how he tried to help John Lennon in the last few minutes of his life.’

Exploiting Lennon’s death? Yes or no…


– via Daily Mail


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  • AF

    Yeah nah maybe

  • MaryLou

    Wrong, just wrong. On so many levels.

  • Eiselmann

    No , if he had sold these items in the weeks and months after his death that would be exploiting IMO. As the article says he’s getting old , and people lap up anything to do with Lennon…people make money from celebrity association all the time ,even after they die.

  • digby

    No, it was a long time ago and we don’t know his personal circumstances. He may be in debt or whatever. To judge him without knowing all the facts is Wrong. Just wrong.

  • intelligentes candida diva

    Not exploitation of John Lennons death but does sensationalise murder and minimises tragedy, by dulling ones senses & emotions that being shot and left to die brings about, through highlighting $$$

  • Doc45

    Oh dear. I am starting a Facebook page to stop the sale of bloody shirts. Please sign to stop this outrage. There needs to be an immediate law change to prevent the sale of such macabre and sensitive items. Not since the sale of Maori heads has such indecency been perpetrated. The government should move quickly to create a Ministry of Bloody Shirts and a Commissioner of Bloody Shirts who can report to Parliament on preventing further scandals involving such BS.

    • Boondecker

      You might require a “safe space” because of it too. And the social justice warriors will unite with you as well.

  • jaundiced

    Yes, of course it is. But so what?

  • oldmanNZ

    When the paparazzi took photos od princess Diana dying in the car, and selling it. Was that exploiting her death? Yes.
    When the media do a big write up on a death of a famous person, to sell more newspaper, is that exploiting?

    Its what some people do to make money.
    There are many examples

  • JohnO

    Throwing the shirt in the rubbish is an alternative way to dispose of it.
    The owner decided to sell the shirt to some who values it. The owner of the shirt has made the purchaser happy by selling and himself richer by getting the money. The purchaser will treasure the newly valued shirt as much as the previous owner has done for its associated memories and in his turn sell it for 10 times its purchase value. Both people are enriched and a piece of history is preserved. What is not to like about this story ? The power of the market to generate value and wealth out of something close to worthless is demonstrably astonishing.

  • Boondecker

    Yes, but…

    To be frank, if something so tenuously attached to the fame of someone now long dead is worth something to somebody and they’re willing to pay for it, so be it. The morality argument was a redundant one as soon as the guy chose not to put the shirt through the wash.