Faces of the day

Screenshot-Breakfast facebook page

Screenshot-Breakfast facebook page

Today’s faces of the day look pretty glum. Perhaps it is because of the ambiguous headline under their photo.They have announced  a pact to form a government that is failing all New Zealanders? Really? Sounds about right. I wonder if it is a suicide pact?






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  • Positan

    It seems more than unrealistic to believe that a race car could ever be constructed from the composite parts of an old horse and a bicycle.

    • spanishbride

      This comment is a SonovaMin cartoon waiting to happen :) http://www.sonovamin.com/

      • Iva b ginn

        Or you could have all four of them sitting on toilets holding hands with a straining expression on their faces. With the headline ” Latreen party crocus meeting” lol

  • Jonathon Stone

    The Herald have published the document. While Metra, James and Annette have all managed to sign it, it seems Andrew can’t manage more than to scribble his name. Looks like the signature of a 10 year old.

    • kereru

      Looks like the signature of a 10 year old.

      Hmmm yes, uptight, cramped, unimaginative and without any flair.

  • Brian Smaller

    They look glum and dour because they are not aspirational. Except for Meteria. She is doing alright – best gig she has ever had.

  • sheppy

    Now we have 18 months of them arguing that the government of failing when clearly it’s not and they are thinking of their own ineptness.
    Will their mates in the media party have any customers left by the election?

    • ShoreRight

      Exactly – the thought of those two constantly in our face for the next 18 months is dire – it will be 18 months of half baked desperation policy that will be pitched at losers……have just cancelled my Herald subscription, deleting their App might be next !!

    • R&BAvenger

      The thing with this is that by next year, voters will be numb to their message.They seem to be hoping that repeating the same message this government is bad and should be replaced by us, they are out of touch will be enough to get them into government. A negative message is a turn off, a negative message repeated over a long period of time is off-putting.
      Key’s message when in opposition, angling for government was a positive and realistic one.
      8 years later National have largely achieved what they initially set out to do. people have measured performance against expectation and voted accordingly in the consequent elections. they will do so again.
      It’s much harder selling something negaitive, rather than a positive message backed up by hard data.

  • Edward M Blake

    R.I.P Labour.
    Matt Mccarten strikes again.

  • ShoreRight

    Great – four more years of National – typical left wing conceit , telling us that the current government is failing all of us . In my humble opinion people will be turned off by this un-dynamic duo constantly paraded before them telling them how bad things supposedly are. Personally I find them both very negative, nothing inspiring or hopeful about their rhetoric if I was feeling failed – all it will be is the promise of hand-outs to buy votes – desperation !

    • R&BAvenger

      Negativity is all the have. Tuatara was on with Spittle on Hosking’s show this morning. Her message this government is bad for people, bad for the environment….. at that point my other half changed the channel!

  • R&BAvenger

    Voters will measure the rhetoric against the reality. Apart from preaching to the converted, Angry and Meteor’s message will be seen as what it is; unsubstaniated dribble.

  • andrewo

    I think the Greens have missed the point: Are they really a ‘Green Party’ or just ‘The Other Red Party’?
    If they really want to implement some actual green policies they need to develop a package of reasonably sensible stuff that they could implement with National.

    • The greens dont do “reasonably sensible” or anything close to resembling sensible

  • Dan

    It’s been interesting seeing all the photos of this. In every photo I have seen, it has been Shaw behind and Turei up front. Seems the that there is a lesser Co and a greater Co.

    Meanwhile in another photo, Little and Turei are posing together, Shaw off to the side a bit and behind while King is over to the left and up close.

    • Sagacious Blonde

      Shaw knows it’s a mess; a bullet to both feet. He’s shaking his head and letting the Material Girl take the glory on this one.

      • Catriona

        The Material Girl is a ‘gone burger’ already and she knows it.

  • Catriona

    Well, come polling day and the Watermelons fail to make the grade, then I can see the whole 4 ‘leaders’ being put in the blender and turned into pulp. There doesn’t appear to be anyone worthwhile electing to Leader & Deputy in either party post Election Day, so not sure where these two parties see themselves in the future.