So why all the fuss? An Australian Muslim explains


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Sheik Shady Al-Suleiman.

…Mr Turnbull said his department would not have invited Sheik Shady Al-Suleiman to an Iftar dinner at Kirribilli House to mark Ramadan last night if he was aware of the offensive comments he made about homosexuals.

“I do regret his invitation. He was invited in an official capacity as president of the Imam Council and the guest list was assembled by my department,” he told 3AW.

“If I had been aware he had made those remarks about homosexuals and gay people, he would not have been invited.”

Mr Turnbull said he was told of Sheik Shady Al-Suleiman’s offensive comments and videos at last night’s dinner by a staffer.

The Sheik once called AIDS a divine punishment for gays and for adulterers to be stoned to death.

Online videos also show Sheik Shady saying women would be “hung by their breasts in hell” and women should not even look at men.

The Australian-born Sheik has also previously called on God to help “destroy the enemies of Islam” and for adulterers to be stoned to death.

Mr Turnbull condemned the sheik’s remarks.

“That’s the first time I have heard of that and it’s completely unacceptable,” Mr Turnbull said.

“I condemn remarks of that kind. They have no place in Australian law or Australian culture.”In online videos Shiek Shady has called for the killing of women who engage in premarital sex: “Remember that if there is an Islamic state the punishment of zina [sex outside marriage], the punishment of those who commit zina, if they have never been married before, they will be lashed 100 lashes,” he says.

“If they are married while they committed zina, or previously been married and divorced, and they committed zina, then their punishment is stoning to death.”

This doesn’t sound like condemning the sin not the sinner does it?

Mr Turnbull told the gathering of about 60 people, the first of its kind hosted by a Prime Minister, to unite against extremism.

“The aim of extremists including those committing violence through a warped and nihilist interpretation of religion is to divide us and to turn our citizens against each other — but we will not let them win,” Mr Turnbull said.

“Acts of terror like Sunday’s massacre in Orlando are perpetrated to divide us along lines of race, religion, sect and sexuality — but that kind of hatred and division must not prevail.

“We must stand together like we do tonight as one Australian family united against terrorism, racism, discrimination and violence.”

…“Mutual respect is the key to the success of our diverse, tolerant, multicultural society.”

…Victorian Labor MP Michael Danby said: “After Orlando, in particular, Malcolm Turnbull ought to have had the sense to slam the door in the face of this despicable hate-preacher.

“It is now clearly established that hateful words directly lead to Orlando-style horror,” he said

“The standard you invite to dinner is the standard you accept.”

Sheik Alsuleiman said he ‘’unequivocally’’ rejected the claim he called for the punishment of gay people.

“As an Australian and a Muslim I unreservedly condemn the vilification and oppression of any group of people based on race, religion, gender, sexuality, or other criteria for that matter,’’ he said in a statement.

Yeah right, unless you belong to that group of women who have had sex outside of marriage. If you are that sex and belong to that group he has stated that you should be lashed or stoned to death. Given those are his views for that group of people, how believable is his denial of his views about homosexuality? He clearly thinks sinners should be punished here on earth by Sharia ( Islamic) law. Sharia law in Islamic countries punishes homosexuals for being gay. That is an undeniable fact.

He said Islam “espouses there is no compulsion in religion and diversity is the norm.’’

“As human beings, we need to come together to overcome and combat the hate that is fuelling so much violence in the world today.’’


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  • Superman

    Interesting how hypocritical Muslims are. If adulterers were all stoned to death there would be no more Muslim men left.

    • Crowgirl

      If women never were allowed to see men, there probably wouldn’t be many muslims either. They’re so uptight about sex but appear to be obsessed with it as well.

      • Ruahine

        Islamic practice seems to be all about sex.

        • Duchess of Pork

          The practice is twined, control of women is the other strand.

    • shykiwibloke

      Depends entirely how you define adultry Superman. My understanding is non-Muslim women don’t count.

  • Andinz

    Taqiyya. Taqiyya. But sometimes they tell the truth.

  • NahYeah

    Just a thought, since muslims don’t discriminate against gays, then I guess they wouldn’t have any objection to mohammed being described as gay?

  • biscuit barrel

    The worst mass shooting in US history wasnt the recent Orlando event. It happened in 1857 when a wagon train of settlers bound for California were attacked in southern Utah by a Mormon militia. death toll was 120-140 killed as only the very young were allowed to survive. This was known as the Mountain Meadows massacre.
    No one would point the finger at Mormons in general as they are of course one of the most law abiding groups in America.

    • spanishbride

      What was their motivation for the massacre? You have to compare apples with apples biscuit barrel. If I kill someone because they stole from me it has nothing to do with their religion or political beliefs. if I kill them in the name of my religion because my religious dogma and law says that you deserve death then and only then is it a fair comparison.

      I do not hold all Muslims accountable for terrorism. I hold the ideology of Islam accountable as that is where the ideas and beliefs came from.

      It annoys me how many people cannot separate the people out from the religion.On the Muslims in NZ FB page I have been accused of hating them. Yet all I did was point out facts about Sharia law. I attack the ideology not the individual.

      • frankflintstone

        There’s a lot on here about it

        Didn’t read it all but I don’t think the group killed had done anything against the killers

      • Andinz

        Noticed this. Noticed also that they don’t hate people who drink alcohol or eat bacon. They won’t be muslims of course so red herrings abound. They often redirect by saying “go read about it” and then disparaging your choice of authoritative reading.
        So wikipedia …for Sharia on homosexuality:
        “With few exceptions all scholars of Sharia, or Islamic law, interpret
        homosexual activity as a punishable offence as well as a sin…..
        There are several methods by which sharia jurists have advocated the
        punishment of gays or lesbians who are sexually active. One form of
        execution involves an individual convicted of homosexual acts being
        stoned to death by a crowd of Muslims. Other Muslim jurists have established ijma ruling that those committing homosexual acts be thrown from rooftops or high places, and this is the perspective of most Salafists.”
        Good Islamists strive (jihad) for replacement of western law structures with sharia. We need to connect the dots….

      • Rebecca

        Reasons for the massacre from wikipedia: “…including war hysteria about possible invasion of Mormon territory and hyperbolic Mormon teachings against outsiders, which were part of the excesses of the Mormon Reformation period.”
        That reformation period is long gone and all the Mormons I know, are law abiding citizens who don’t drink alcohol, or let on that we unlucky outsiders are doomed, or believe in polygamy which I’m repeatedly told by Mormon women, is a long gone historic footnote. IOW their warmongering happened as their country was plunging into civil war and was quickly over. Now they’re model citizens who don’t cause trouble or disturb the peace.

        • biscuit barrel

          Yes you are right about Mormons today. But the correct term Mormon Militia indicates there was some sort of ideology behind it. Of course Mormons had suffered a lot of attacks from the time of their founding so needed armed protection but setters passing through is a bit strange.

          • Rebecca

            All sorts of horrible things happened in the past, particularly during those much more recent world wars, the second of which was typified by appalling savagery and loss of life largely overseen by people who were brought up as Christians. Even Stalin had started trained to be a priest.

            Today? Show me the Baptist preacher in NZ who promises virginal rewards for extreme violence against Catholics or other undesirables. Where are the Mormon exclusion zones that even Police hesitate to enter because of the threat of violence.

      • Kevin

        I see Muslims as like Marxists. They are by far good people although wrong and misguided. When given examples of Marxism in practice and failing miserably they make excuses like “It’s not true Marxism but Crony Capitalism” (often said about the USSR), or “It’s the USA’s fault the country is like that” (Venezuela). In no way too they support totalitarianism or the political killing of millions of people.

        Then you have the communists, the equivalent of Islamists, who while being Marxists, are also totalitarian and as such support totalitarianism and the murder of millions of people in order to reach their aims.

        I can criticise Marxism. It doesn’t mean I have anything against Marxists as people unless of course they happen to also be Communists.

        Likewise I can criticise Islam but that doesn’t mean I have anything against Muslims unless they are also Islamists.

    • Dave B

      They were Religious Fanatics.

    • jedmo

      Sand Creek Massacre Colorado? as depicted in Candice Bergen movie Soldier Blue – 120 to 160 killed.

  • bristol

    He forgot to mention the young “Pearly Boys”, mentioned in the Qur’an several times – which are seemingly implied references to homosexual behavior in paradise.

  • Shalice

    Was Turnbull REALLY that surprised? Complete news to him was it? I’m not buying it

    • jelsie

      There should be an investigation in his department as to who put this guy on the guest list in the first place. Excuses like Turnbill’s aren’t good enough.

  • Duchess of Pork

    The question Turnball should now be asking himself is how many of those refugees he is effusively welcoming into his country share similar views to this preacher.

  • Teakay

    In law, sedition is overt conduct, such as speech and organization, that tends toward insurrection against the established order. I do not understand why Australian (and NZ) authorities don’t simply enact and enforce sedition laws that include the language and teachings of these dangerous and extreme practitioners of religion irrespective of their brand (Islam, Christianity etc etc.). I would also advocate that access to and the use of written material containing reference to this dangerous ideology (including the Koran and the Bible) be restricted to those 18 years and older. I say this because there is no doubt whatsoever that all brands of religion focus very heavily on distorting and brainwashing young minds to ensure to their continuing survival. As we can clearly see now, the danger to the rest of us is far greater than any benefits that some of the religious teaching might offer.