Future Prime Minister says no to Sharia law

Boris Johnson has said Sharia law in the UK would be 'absolutely unacceptable'

Boris Johnson has said Sharia law in the UK would be ‘absolutely unacceptable’ PHOTO- Getty

Last year the ex-Mayor of London and the likely future Prime Minister of Britain slammed Church of England clerics who want Islamic law incorporated into British law. Boris Johnson, back then, said that Sharia law is “absolutely unacceptable”. Given that Boris also supported the exit campaign, I believe he will be a safe pair of hands for Britain. Britain needs a strong leader who truly believes in equality before the law. as well as a leader who believes in Britain controlling Britain’s borders and not  bureaucrats like the European Union.


…Speaking on LBC radio this morning, the London Mayor said he was opposed to “a Sharia system running in parallel with UK justice.”His remarks come a day after Home Secretary Theresa May called for an investigation into the application of Sharia law in England and Wales if Conservatives win the General Election. But the mayor said he took “grave exception” to Church of England clerics who suggest the principles of Sharia could be introduced into the legal system.

Former archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams sparked controversy in 2008 when he suggested it was “inevitable” that elements of Sharia would be incorporated in British law. Mr Johnson also called for a great separation between the Government and the Church of England, declaring the presence of 26 Bishops in the House of Lords as “clerical fossils.”He said: “That is unacceptable to me. Everybody must be equal under the law, and everybody must obey the same law. That is absolutely cast-iron.

The point is that the idea of a parallel system of law, a parallel judicature, people making the laws holding to a different system, is absolutely unacceptable, it’s alien to our traditions

Boris Johnson

“I take grave exception to some of the support I see sometimes – and from clerics in the Church of England who’ve come out in favour of this, I’ve noticed, and said we should be a little bit indulgent of this.”It’s an interesting fact that we have some clerical fossils still in our legislature. Don’t forget we have bishops sitting by right in our upper house.”The separation of church and state is not perhaps as thorough-going in this country as you might like to think.”The point is that the idea of a parallel system of law, a parallel judicature, people making the laws holding to a different system, is absolutely unacceptable, it’s alien to our traditions.

“I won’t have it in London and I’m worried sometimes by the faint bat-squeaks of support that I hear for that idea even from clerics in the Church of England.”Asked if the Beth Din would “have to go”, Mr Johnson replied: “Yes, absolutely. Sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.”

He said he accepted that Jewish couples could go to a Beth Din to seek sanction for their divorce, but added: “It cannot substitute for UK civil proceedings.

They cannot replace the civil proceedings. If they want to have some ceremonial proceeding according to religious ritual or whatever, that is fine. But the actual implementation of the law has got to be done in British courts according to British law, agreed by Parliament.

“That is where the law emanates from. The law emanates in the end from people voting for MPs who enact the statutes which we all obey.

“That gives this country a vital equality.”




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  • hookerphil

    The more I hear about him the more I like him, again Winston who kind of speaks like him needs to come out and emphatically state he would not go into a coalition with Labour and Greens.

    • Chris EM

      Unfortunately, Winston Peters has proven over the years that he cannot be trusted.

  • iera

    The woman caught in adultery, to who Jesus said (John 8:11b), “Go your way, and from now on do not sin again” would surely, under Sharia Law, be stoned to death.
    Are Church of England clerics, who want Islamic law incorporated into British law, abandoning the most basic teachings of Christ?

    • Boondecker

      Irony and hypocrisy are strong forces in religion.

    • Elihu

      They have long left the Faith.

  • peterwn

    The referendum result can be taken as a crystal clear indication that the Brits do not want a bar of Sharia law. If the electorate rejected EU imposed law, then the feeling against Sharia law would be even greater.

  • Disinfectant

    Sanity is returning fast to Britain.

    If you have to lance the boil, you do it quickly.

    Cameron should simply invoke article 51 now.

  • axeman

    Can someone a bit higher the chain please send this to John Key!!

    • spanishbride

      We would but he caved to MSM pressure and will no longer take our calls. If he can’t stand up to the Media Party how strong do you think his backbone is? Imagine a PM so weak he allows journalists to tell him who he is allowed to text and speak to! Then again he is a poll driven fruitcake which has worked well for him. The MSM don’t represent mainstream voters though, so caving to them was a mistake.I can only hope that he is pragmatic enough to read WO to keep his finger on the pulse of what mainstream conservative/libertarian voters want.

      • axeman

        That’s a shame but I’m sure someone from National must monitor the RealOil

      • LovetoTeach

        poll driven fruitcake?! Jingers, I wouldn’t be taking your calls either if that’s what you call him.

        • spanishbride

          Hey, I only call him that behind his back ( snigger )

  • Mikex

    For the life of me I cannot comprehend how anyone with more than one brain cell would willing change their laws and culture to suit a bunch of migrants who are refusing to assimilate to the host environment. Particularly when those same migrants are fleeing countries completely stuffed up by their intolerant 7th century culture. They obviously want to spread the misery.

    • Johnno

      Totally agree, Mikex, and how can the Church of England clerics even suggest the principles of Sharia could be introduced into the legal system. Are they even aware of the barbarity of Sharia Law?

  • Boondecker

    I think I could go all ‘Milo for Trump daddy’ on Boris. Just kidding, I too hetero for that to happen, but I am happy to be the next next thing. What a good fellow, in every sense of the word. No, in fact, let me rephrase that, what a great fellow!

    I realise he has already now been tarred and feathered by the Brexit remoaners and the Media Party because of his part in the Leave campaign, and will now face a considerable uphill political and in-party battle to get where he should be, but if there’s one thing Boris has proven to everybody, a bad hair day doesn’t really mean any kind of bad day. The guy has a natural talent for anything he takes on and I would back him probably more than any other politician in the EU, sorry, I meant Great Britain.

    Viva Boris!

  • Duchess of Pork

    Boris may have to stick to writing rude poems about Erdogan. Hard to see him restricting or closing the 85 Sharia courts already operative in England. But he could make a start by curtailing the nikah ceremonies which allow 100,000 plus muslims to sustain their cosy polygamous relationships whilst drawing on all the associated benefit and housing entitlements. Sooner or later all the western countries taking in large number of muslim migrants will have to confront this huge drain on their welfare systems. We will need to keep an eye out for the practice proliferating here.

  • Joe Banana

    We have a minority in New Zealand who would have their laws incorporated into NZ Laws and/or over ride them top suit their particular purpose

  • andrewo

    I really like the way he looks like he’s been dragged through a hedge backwards! It makes me feel SO much better about my appearance.

  • jv7

    It’s called leadership, not managing like Cameron did (well). After 3 successful terms time for JK to graduate himself to real leadership via the core issues that matter where he is a winner, rather than reacting to/floundering around the oppositions next passing bus distraction agenda.

  • Hesaidwhat?

    Well if what he has done to the greater London transport system is any indication of his decision making ability then this Boris is an idiot. Already congested this clown has taken a whole traffic lane on all major routes through London (which in some cases was half of the available traffic lanes) and turned them into bike lanes. I got to experience it a few months back & the road works underway to implement this hippy nonsense is so disruptive it is insane.

  • zotaccore

    Gosh, what do clerics know about religion to be making such statements along the lines sharia law will be incorporated into British law. Archibishops aren’t politicians but they try to be. It’s amusing watching these geese in the House of Lords when debating, they should just take a pew and listen for a change, they might learn a bit more about the world about them.

  • Vutekno

    Here is an insight into Boris’s Leadership style and potential as the future PM. He has the look and presence that reminds me of Winston Churchill and I wish him and the U.K. Every success as they negotiate their way out of the undemocratic mess that has become the EU.

    I suspect that Britain is only the first to take steps to rid themselves of the faceless, rotund, silver haired, smiling European Suits that now run, unelected, the EU.

  • WBC

    So Smalley thinks that a Democracy shouldn’t allow the demographic to make decisions as to how the government makes decisions. Hmm.

    Does this mean that if the government made decisions about it’s own structure without the peoples consent then that would be democratic? Or would that only be democratic if it changed the governement to some socialist estate that she for some idiotic reason thinks would solve all of the worlds problems.

    Wake up Rachel, ask those who lived under Chavez how well it works out being a minion to a socialist lord.

  • OneTrack

    What does the current London Mayor think of running a Sharia system in parallel with UK justice?