GPS tracking not good enough to use in court, but good enough to pay tolls

You can’t use your GPS system log in court to defend against speed camera or Police speeding enforcement but it seems that GPS tracking might be the way the government will track you to charge you for tolls.

The Government says GPS tracking may be used to charge drivers for using Auckland’s roads – a move which experts say is the most advanced in the world but also raises concerns about “Big Brother” behaviour.

Road tolls are likely to be implemented in the next 10 years in the city and transport officials say the most effective system would cover all roads and charge motorists different rates depending on when and where they drive.

Transport Minister Simon Bridges said this could be done by GPS satellite, as opposed to toll gantries or cameras.

“You’re talking about a system that crudely speaking runs from satellite and is able to, through electronic devices, tell where your car is and charge you on the time and place.?

“So, for example, the most expensive time and place would be getting into the CBD at peak hour in the morning and the evening. Whereas if you are doing it at night time you may not be paying anything.”

Mr Bridges said such a system could be modelled on Singapore, which plans to replace its road tolling gantries with a GPS system before 2020.

Under the Singaporean scheme, all drivers will be required to install a GPS device which can be picked up by satellite and used to bill drivers automatically.

Singapore already has a big brother state. I’m not sure Kiwis will embrace state monitoring of your every move when in a vehicle, and I certainly would oppose that.

If the government contemplated such a move then I would actively campaign to unseat them.

Put tolls on new roads by all means but FRO thinking about GPS tracking and tolling roads we’ve already paid for.


– NZHerald