Greens give Little the clap


The Green taliban gave Andrew Little a standing ovation, probably because he didn’t bore the shit out of them utterly.

Labour leader Andrew Little has received a rapturous response at the Green Party annual general meeting this afternoon.

Days after Labour and the Greens signed a formal agreement to work together, Mr Little became the first Labour leader to speak at a Green Party conference.

Around 200 Green Party members – and a handful of Labour MPs – gave him a standing ovation at the Lincoln Events Centre in Christchurch.

Mr Little, standing in front of Labour and Green posters, said he agreed to speak at the conference out of a “profound sense of responsibility”.

“We must show that there is a real alternative,” he said. “A credible alternative.”

And there’ is the problem right there. Andrew little has no credibility. He’s literally the Wallace of NZ politics.

His speech was well-received. The audience nodded along and gave an extended round of applause when Mr Little committed to combating climate change and eliminating homelessness.

The speech was spent mostly on reiterating Labour’s core political messaging — that the National-led Government was increasingly “out of touch”.

Mr Little made no references to a potential Labour-Green government or any possible coalition arrangements.

He touched only briefly on the Labour-Greens Memorandum of Understanding (MoU).

Labour had made good progress since its 2014 election defeat, he said.

Good progress? Plummeting polls, slipping personal rankings, no money, no prospect of any donors..good progress? I’d hate to see was a vast improvement looks like.

“But in an MMP environment, that alone isn’t enough.

“In our country, under our system, governments must be built on lasting, mature relationships between different parties that share a common vision for the future.

“That’s why we’ve been strengthening our relationship and co-operation with the Greens.

Lasting and mature? He’s talking about the Greens…and Labour…you know the people who go around vandalising signs…yeah those mature folk. All the Labour MPs that I’ve spoken to think this is electoral poison.

Give it a week or two and Greens and Labour will be back at each other’s throats.

This ‘marriage’ of the Greens and Labour is nothing more nor less than a lurch into the territory of the hard left. No wonder Winston Peters is smiling from ear to ear.


-NZ Herald


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  • arnietm

    Does not say much for the Greens leadership if they give the “leader” of an opposition party a standing ovation.

  • venator

    Nah…they gave him the clap.

  • shykiwibloke

    If Angry is Wallace – who is Gromit? Perhaps that is the theme for the next twelve months “The search for Gromit – to boldly go where no lefty party has gone before”

    • Metiria has a passing resemblance to Gromit.

  • Superman

    Oh, that sort of clap. You had me worried there for a while.

  • Left Right Out

    I was asked to provide a service at green gathering of sandal wearers but declined I just could stand the thought of being there and then the thought I having to listen to Angry justified my decision

  • Wayne Hodge

    Lasting, how silly does he think we are, the MOU expires at the election. Any subsequent grouping cannot be put forward as it will depend on Peters. Thus shared vision matters nowt.

  • cows4me

    “We must show that there is a real alternative”, you do realise those are hash brownies the Melons dish up Andy?

  • Zanyzane

    Great for the Greens but a real disaster for a once mighty Labour party to stoop to these depths, negotiating a deal from a position of weakness. Andrew Littles last desperate gasp to survive a leadership challenge.

  • taxpayer

    I had the telly on mute but could instantly tell it was a green party gathering when this came on the screen.
    The garden gnome beards, the swivel eyes in a mass of frizzy hair, the ridiculous massive bits of greenstone or bone strung round the necks, the idiotic grins that made it look like a gurning competition.
    Then along comes Andy and they are all nodding like those fake dogs that people used to have in the back window of their cars.
    Even on mute I had to reach for the remote and change channel quick.

  • niggly

    Must have been Andy’s greatest ever endorsement (in terms of a crowd clapping) …. or should that be Andy’s greatest ever delusion?

    Has the irony not sunk into Andy that he received more support from a bunch of far-left Green political activists than from the Centre-Left (and middle) of his own Labour Party? What does that say in terms of where Andy belongs in the political spectrum!

  • Genevieve

    Little’s hyperbole is just downright irritating.
    He spoke at the Greens Conference out of ‘a profound sense of responsibility’, he will ‘eliminate homelessness’ and ‘combat climate change’. Does he have no idea how silly he sounds?

  • ex-JAFA

    Angry Andy and his hangers-on love to go on and on and on about how the government is “out of touch”. The polls would suggest that the vast majority of New Zealand is therefore also out of touch. So the question has to be asked: Out of touch with what or whom?

    Seems that we’re all out of touch with Grabour. Even my socialist (borderline Marxist) sister has no time for them. That’s a shame, isn’t it?

    • Cadwallader

      A vital fact the Left overlook is that many of us want a government which is out of touch. I don’t want a weighty bureaucracy on my shoulders 24/7 so if National is out of touch let this continue. Let me be me, rather than existing in a parasite’s world.

  • zotaccore

    I’ve been considering whether Little is in fact a closet Green. Maybe Red on the outside but Green on the inside. Is he just fooling everyone with the angry Red façade, but internally he is Green as the hills in an English countryside. He is torn between both in a wholly schizophrenic way. He needs to see a doctor.

  • WBC

    An smiling ovation for the hapless puppet they’ve just beaten perhaps?