Halfwit Council?s dodgy theatre numbers [UPDATE]

A reader in Marlborough has sent in some interesting facts after our post yesterday on the Marlborough District Council’s “world-class” theatre project.

Using the budget in the council?s option 3 the running costs are as follows;
Operating income????????????? $1,422,995

Cost of sales???????????????????????? $465,118

Operating costs???????????????? $1,245,500

Operating profit/Loss????????($287,623)

Council grant??????????????????????? $390,000

Surplus???????????????????????????????? $102,377

So the running costs of the theatre are?$1,700,000 per year. ?

Let’s get this straight. The population of Marlborough is about 45,000 people. Their world-class theatre is going to take $1,422,995 of revenue every year. Or, for those who can’t do maths, about $28,000 per week – week in, week out.

Did anyone on the council actually question whether a population of about 45,000 could afford $28,000 a week on a theatre? Or did they just get so caught up in the World-Class Theatre that they never stopped to think that the operating income works out at more than $2 $0.62 per person per week every week of the year?

Tough questions needs to be asked. Who on council supported a theatre that needs to take $28,000 a week to cover its costs?

Why did they think this was possible in a small province like Marlborough?

Who is accountable?