The Green party is a “despised party of big business”. Really?

While useful idiots like Martyn Bradbury are waxing lyrical about the Red/Green wedding it seems that the hard left aren’t happy at all...mostly with the Greens.

Underscoring the collapse in support for the Labour Party, well-informed political blogger Richard Harman recently wrote that its membership might have sunk below 5,000, that is, lower than the Greens’. Tens of thousands of workers left Labour in disgust following the Labour government’s wave of pro-market restructuring, mass sackings and privatisations in the 1980s, which led to soaring social inequality.

The MoU, which aims to prop up this despised party of big business, demonstrates once again the reactionary politics of the Green Party. Like its sister parties in Germany and Australia, the NZ Greens are not a “left” alternative but a party of nationalism, militarism and big business. James Shaw, elected Green Party co-leader last year based on his experience as a business consultant for HSBC bank and PricewaterhouseCoopers, has described himself as “a huge fan of the market” and promoted Margaret Thatcher as a model environmentalist.  

The Greens supported the 1999-2008 Labour government, including its decision to send troops to join the US occupation of Afghanistan, and the Australian interventions in East Timor and the Solomon Islands. Now the party has signalled its willingness to formally enter a Labour-led coalition government.

Labour leader Andrew Little addressed the Greens’ annual conference on June 4 to promote the agreement. He declared that a Labour-Green government would “deliver a better, fairer New Zealand” that would “lift people out of homelessness.” He made vague promises to reduce child poverty and increase funding for health and education. Little’s speech was greeted with a standing ovation.

Ouch. There is no pleasing the ideologically pure.

I imagine Martyn Bradbury sitting there in a parody of himself sagely wobbling his head in agreement.

Martyn Bradbury agrees

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  • Wayne McDougall

    The “this” refers to the Labour Party as the despised party of big business. The complaint is that the Green Party is propping up the despised Labour Party through the MOU and that the Green Party can thus be seen as also a party of big business and not truly left.

    Not the most clearly written text…

  • MaryLou

    Oh dear. The Left really are screwed, and it all begins in their own heads. If the dissatisfied Right are looking to ACT or NZFirst as possible places to put their protest votes, to whom do disgruntled Green and Labour voters turn?

    • Andy111A

      The F*** John Key party once again. Mana & Internet parties to the rescue if they can find some other source of income