Herald does a hit job on gun shop, and probably increases their sales

Gun City's online advertisement encourages buyers to "pimp your AR-15" Supplied 22nd June 2016

Gun City’s online advertisement encourages buyers to “pimp your AR-15”
Supplied 22nd June 2016

The NZ Herald has done a nice hit job on Gun City in their continued and wonky jihad against guns.

I’m pretty sure that David Tipple will be very pleased because they have reproduced his ad in full colour, adding the Herald readership to his reach…and all for free.

A New Zealand gun shop is selling and promoting the AR-15 rifle, the firearm synonymous with American mass shootings.

Gun City is New Zealand’s largest firearms dealer, boasting the largest range of guns, ammo and accessories.

The AR-15, a semiautomatic rifle, is being advertised on Gun City’s website for $1999, with free shipping.

To obtain an AR-15, buyers must have a standard, current firearms licence and an approved police order form.

And? What is the Herald’s point?

An ‘E Category’ endorsement is needed if the magazine – which feeds ammunition into the chamber of the firearm – holds more than seven rounds.

Gun City’s AR-15 rifles are sold with a five-round magazine, so do not require the E endorsement.

“We have sold them for $10,000+, now you can own an A-Cat AR-15 for only $1999!!” the website reads.

An image at the bottom of the site’s page suggests customers “pimp” their AR-15 with triggers to “step up that accuracy” and ammunition storage to ensure “easy reloading”.

So what?

Christchurch Gun City’s David Tipple said he didn’t believe the advertisement was offensive in light of the recent mass shooting at an Orlando nightclub.

If we blamed the guns, “we’re missing the boat”, Mr Tipple said.

He asked people to consider “where the gun becomes the problem”.

Mr Tipple said it was far more difficult to acquire a gun than it appeared on the website. “You can’t just fill out a form”. Acquiring a gun licence was a lengthy and difficult process.

“We’re not selling them to people who would qualify in the United States.”

The AR-15 rifle was generally used for sporting and pest control, he said.

The Herald asked police for the number of people in possession of AR-15 rifles in this country and the number of gun licenses with an E endorsement, but did not receive a response.

Ahhh, so David Tipple is not supposed to sell guns because some whack job Islamic tool in the US went on a rampage? They are trying to guilt him or embarrass him.

I’ll bet he is laughing at the Herald, especially for reproducing his advert, and is probably fielding more calls than usual to buy his guns.

But seriously, why is this even a story? A gun shop advertises its guns for sale? Next thing the Herald will run a story that prostitutes advertise online for their services. That, of course, might backfire since the Herald takes those ads and publishes them.


– NZ Herald


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  • Isherman

    Well now that the Herald have tried to put the fear of god into people by suggesting that AR-15’s being sold here will suddenly prompt an Orlando, perhaps they could do a follow up article outining every crime committed in NZ by people that have legitimately owned this type of firearm, contrasted against all the crimes carried out by crims with the ‘nice’ non-evil types of guns such as shotguns and .22 varmint rifles that were not obtained legitimately.

    • Dave B

      Once the Herald gets their Sharia Law, from all the muslims they hope to import, I suppose they figure the public executions of infidels will lower gun crime. As well as the number of homosexuals, Jews, those who have premarital sex, and stringed instruments.

      • metalnwood

        Once they get their sharia law we will see AR’s banned in favour of AK’s.

        • Dave B

          Only issued to the faithful ;)

        • one for the road

          AKs are way cheaper and robust than a AR, way to go..

  • Quinton Hogg

    This anti-gun hysteria is making me re-think my surrender of my fire arms licence. I think i will be renewing it now, and adding into the rennovation plans a secure firearms locker the size of a small african country.

    Also I thought the weapon used in Orlando was a Sig Sauer and not the AR-15. If that is the case what is the point of the article?

    • Miss McGerkinshaw

      To the uninitiated (me) a gun is a gun is a gun.
      That said I agree and they (these skilled, trained journalist?) should at least do some research (if they know what that word means) so they are better informed about guns and their variables.

    • Dave B

      Its said Obama is the greatest gun salesman of all time. Perhaps the Herald is making a play for the top spot…

    • 1080 Napalm

      The shooter used the Sig Sauer MCX which could be argued that it is Sigs version of the AR15. Beautiful rifle too.

      • biscuit barrel

        Its not a rifle , its a weapon. Its way far too high powered to be only used for ‘game’. And no it wont protect you in a bar, because even in Florida you cant take them or any weapon/gun to a bar.

        • Andy

          The question remains unanswered as to how someone could bring a Sig Sauer MCX (or possibly two as reported some places) with at least 300 rounds into a nightclub on a hot Orlando night. No one has gone anywhere near this question, as far as I know

          • 1080 Napalm

            Break the rifle down, backpack it in, go to the toilet, reassemble. Or…

        • “Far too high powered”? What? It is .223 calibre, a pip squeak round. A .308 is far more powerful, as is a .22-250 and a .338 Lapua. You, quite simply do not know what you are talking about. I know plenty of cullers who use Ar15s when getting rid of goats. Very effective.

        • Ghost

          Its not a kitchen knife , its a weapon. Its way far too high powered to be only used for “sandwiches”…… please, its a rifle. it fires a projectile through a rifled barrel….. ergo… Rifle.
          And I think you may be a bit wrong with the ” even in Florida you cant take them or any weapon/gun in a bar” someone took one into a bar in Florida and murdered 49, so can you start to see that normal law abiding citizens are at a disadvantage when they comply with laws, but that doesn’t prevent this happening. Does that make sense?

          • Ghost

            Its not a sports car , its a weapon. And its way to high powered to be only used for ‘commuting’.

        • David Moore

          ” Its way far too high powered to be only used for ‘game’.”

          errr, it about one of the lowest powered center fire rifles. You need to drop down to a .22 to find a lower powered rifle really.

    • Huia

      Don’t you know that when comparing baby elephants and the anti gun lobby, the anti gun lobby show up as the biggest babies.
      Stanley knives are used to more damage and murders throughout the world, than any other object being used as a weapon.
      So why are they still on the shelves?
      The anti gun lobby I believe are made up of people who have never hunted, never needed a gun (in the city), have no concept of why guns are important to different people.
      Any tool in the wrong hands will do the damage.

  • Boondecker

    Tipple wont give a monkeys cuss what the mainstream media and leftie luvvie whacko’s try to come up with. He’s busy enough with his extremely successful long-standing business.

  • Woody

    I was considering the purchase of an AR-15 variant of a .223 rifle from Gun City but when I was looking, i found that they had a standard looking second hand .223 at a much more suitable price so I purchased that instead. If I wished to, I could remove the existing furniture off the rifle and replace it with AR-15 furniture.

    Same semi automatic rifle, same ammunition, same accuracy, same owner. Explain to me NZ Herald how it would then be a much more dangerous rifle in my hands? You can’t? Well shut up and go report on something you understand like the Kardashians.

    • Ghost

      Easy there big guy, wrong on two points, first is that the herald will never apply logic or facts to any point they are trying to push, I think that they may even be devoid of any knowledge of what a fact may actually be, and secondly no one understands the Kardashians.

      • Woody

        I stand humbly corrected.

        • biscuit barrel

          Politics is 90% perception or as they call these days ‘optics’
          it doesnt have to be totally absolutely 100% correct for something to be done.

    • metalnwood

      Your last sentence is funny as I saw this on the front page before I went to bed.

      They are now calling Max Key – Max Keydashian as they make up more news

  • Ghost

    If they were going to be honest, and they wont, they would also publish the crime stat’s of all licenced firearms users over the years, and actually say how many crimes have been committed using AR type firearms in New Zealand by licenced firearms users.
    This would highlight the fact that licenced firearms owners are some of the most lawful citizens (you have to be to hold and retain the licence) and also the big number 0 for the later.

    • waldopepper

      agreed. i have yet to meet a firearms owner who is not at the top end of responsible hard working safety oriented citizenry.

      • jimknowsall

        I have to say that the firearms owners I come across in the bush are the antithesis of the “top end of responsible hard working safety oriented citizenry”. They are variously angry (for example one guy I met was in a furious temper, kicking at vegetation as he went past), unfriendly and impolite (they are the least likely to give you a wave and a smile), intimidating (particularly when they have dogs as well), and generally the sort of person you’d be wary of even if they didn’t have a gun and were walking down the street.

        It is also well known that they often release pigs and deer illegally to support their sport causing significant conservation problems. Other issues you often come across is littering at campsites and wanton damage to trees and vegetation. I even found an unused bullet on the path once. Upstanding citizens they are not.

        • Sceptical Harry

          Have you been hanging out up the Ahimanawa’s? You’ve got to keep higher up the hills to avoid running into the grinch’s.

        • waldopepper

          your comments about illegally releasing pigs and deer makes me think you have had some run in with a neighbour or someone who did this, and have an axe to grind over the matter. because those are quite unusual and specific comments to make, and frankly may be clouding you better overall judgment. wanton damage to trees and vegetation ? hunters are out hunting, not worrying about kicking trees and sitting on saplings. but regardless, im talking of an aggregate over the 100’s of shooters i meet each year at club events and in the general fraternity. all excellent, all responsible. salt of the earth guys, all of them.

          • jimknowsall

            Obviously my observations are anecdotal and I’m sure many hunters are fine people. However, in my experience, they don’t project that image. As to the releasing of pigs and deer, this is less anecdotal: it is a widespread problem and I have heard it from many people and is documented online. I have no particular axe to grind other than that I take a keen interest in conservation and was appalled to find out that hunters seemed more interested in maintaining a resource than exterminating these pest animals. Hence also their rather obsessive position against 1080, but that’s a whole other can of worms.

  • 1080 Napalm

    This article reinforces the fact that the AR15 is one of the most customisable (is that a word?) firearm platforms ever created. Makes me impatient for mine to come back from the shop.

  • one for the road

    The AR15 with all the addons looks epic, yes please

  • Dave

    So, let’s just wait a while, find a tragedy when someone uses a car as a weapon, drives so to a group and kills a few people. Will the herald publish an article calling for all (Brand/Model) cars to be banned, and for those advertising them to be shamed, of course not. Whilst I have never owned a firearm, but used a few in my teens, I have never ever been aware of a firearm killing anything by itself. It’s the human interface in all cases.

  • waldopepper

    it seems the horrid may have used an old add as well to make things look worse than they are. my understanding is that a pistol grip semi auto of any sort requires an e-cat license ? the one shown would therefore not be a standard a-cat purchase, and would need an e-cat license. i just checked with gun city and they confirmed that that is still the case. when i mentioned the herald beat up, the guy laughed and just said “we are used to it”.
    i think ill pop in this afternoon and buy some ammo and a new rifle off them, just to piss the anti gun brigade off some more lol, and to support gun city along the way.

    • metalnwood

      Yes, that has not changed, it’s not just the mag capacity but the pistol grip as well. Piston grip on semi = e cat, pistol grip on bolt action = a cat.

      I think I will load a thousand tonight and get the boys to box em.

  • MrsAverage

    Husband has an AR-15, it is locked up next to my ordinary not-big-and-scary-looking rifle. He is not suddenly more likely to go on a rampage than I am because he owns *that* gun. It’s actually a bit of a joke between us, it’s heavy and awkward (in my female opinion) and I’d rate mine far higher. But it’s no more dangerous than any other rifle.

  • Rex

    The herald is a total joke. Cancelled my subscription recently after 41 years continuous.
    I shoot game birds for sport and pest birds for control. An AR 15 would be a bit over the top for that but I think I’ll buy one just for the fun of it.

  • James M

    Here’s an idea, why doesn’t a journalist start from scratch by acquiring their license, having the background check and the friendly home visit from a police officer or other personal that can vouch that the gun cabinet is appropriate. Then go through the paperwork and process of buying a rifle.

    Then and only then if they find something they think is too easy or not entirely safety conscious then write up a hit piece.

  • Sceptical Harry

    Brilliant. But it’s only because Facebook is currently repeating daily a viral story about the same in America where 30,000 AR15’s were sold.
    Interestingly I’ve been pimping my Spikes Tactical AR15 with aftermarket bits and pieces. Fun times. Like adding side skirts and big wheels to an Isuzu D-Max. So far I d spent over $8,000 and counting. All for shooting goats and in the event that the zombie apocalypse occurs.

    • metalnwood

      I am afraid to go too far in to the world of AR. I shoot IPSC with pistol and think if I go in to 3 gun/multigun then I will become a bankrupt :)

      • Miss Phit

        3 gun appeals but the bank manager says no. Might have a look at those ar15s though my ak variant needs a friend…

        • metalnwood

          yeah, as much as it appeals you have to spend mucho $$ and the pistols/ammo can be enough as it is!

      • Sceptical Harry

        They are a money pit gun and to be honest – pointless. I like mine and I like fiddling with it. I use it the least and it is really just a toy that I justify by using to shoot goats from a chopper from time to time (although shotgun with buckshot is way better). Would I buy one if I didn’t own one? Nope. But I’m not about to flick mine off given how much I’ve spent to date. Might as well keep it. I like my bolt actions better…

        • metalnwood

          I am not a hunter but a long time paper puncher. I would only get one if I got in to 3gun/multigun so it would be shooting paper and plates. Still bloody expensive to get one that most competition shooters would be happy with. I am trying to stay away!

      • But guns are the most fun you can have with your pants on, well worth the money.

        • metalnwood

          Yeah, it’s more a question of which guns :) If not AR then probably add a 1911 of some sort.

          I know I would get more opportunity to shoot my pistols.

  • Mine it,Drill it,Sell it.

    Typical of the Herald running a story about gun advertising stating that they believe it requires endorsement,yet run advertising from prostitutes without stating whether they come with a E Endorsement.

  • Gazza

    The AR-15 was designed and marketed as a sporting rifle in fact it was marketed as the ‘Sporty’, these tools have no clue….Dear Mr Tipple, I am offended by this ad, I did not get to see it until this WO post, so I guess I have to thank the Horrid….doh that hurts, I am off to my safe space now for meditation and reflection

  • Miss Phit

    I guess farmers stevens the warehouse etc will all be in an expose about knives next. After all more people world wide are stabbed than shot so should we expect a call to ban sharp knives…

    • biscuit barrel

      Knives have uses apart from killing people. Assault weapons do not have any real use- as people here have said they are cumbersome for hunting and then only for very small game and far they are extremely loud.

      • metalnwood

        Lots of firearms used at the olympics have no real use either. Cumbersome for hunting, no one would use them for that. The specific models they use are really just for sport and sport is really about having fun.

        Sometimes you can just have fun without the urge to want to kill someone :)

      • waldopepper

        stop calling them assault weapons. only the military have assault weapons. and for a product selling in free markets the ar-15 seems to sell pretty darned well for a product that has “no real use” as you put it.