Hosking laughs all the way to the bank (and ratings) as yet another petition is started

The left-wing don’t understand that calling bans on people they disagree with actually gives the victim of their attacks more followers.

Look at what has happened with Milo Yiannopoulos.

Now a counter petition has been set up in support of Mike Hosking.

A counter petition in support of controversial TVNZ broadcaster Mike Hosking is quietly gaining momentum online.

Petitioner Dan Gray started the counter-movement in a bid to “keep Mike Hosking at TVNZ for the same?reasons people want the petition signed to get rid of him.”

The petition, set up?on Wednesday afternoon,?has since garnered several hundred signatories.

“Mike is a free thinker against politically correct?crap”?wrote one Hosking supporter. “I want a broadcaster who speaks his mind even if I don’t agree with it all the time.”

The?petition was organised to counteract?the anti-Hosking petition set up by?lawyer?Dan?Wayman last week,?asking that the Seven Sharp host?”be removed from public broadcasting?at?TVNZ”.


Wayman intends to send?the petition to the?Government demanding Hosking be removed from television screens has now clocked up more than?14,000 signatories in just over a week.

Wayman?describes himself as a New Zealand-enrolled barrister-solicitor. He divides his time between New Zealand and Shanghai, where he works at the British Consulate, and said?he started the petition because he “just felt something needed to be done really”.

“[Hosking’s]?socially irresponsible comments are damaging to the New Zealand public, and especially as the face of the national broadcaster in the 7pm?timeslot, being a family show, I think it’s harmful for the next generation to receive those types of sentiments from Mr Hosking” he said.

On Thursday morning, counter-petitioner Gray thanked his fellow Hosking?supporters for their efforts.

“Thanks to all you guys for support so far” he wrote. “The petition for getting rid of the Hosk is no doubt increasing, so let’s get behind this cause and show New Zealand the silent majority wont be silent anymore. Do whatever you can we gotta beat 12k.”

Mike Hosking is taking the right approach and flipping the bird at these crusading social justice warriors and cultural fascists.


– Fairfax