Housekeeping: User Blocking on Whaleoil


Have you ever wished you could “mute” someone in the comments? Ever wished you had the power to make people disappear, just like I have? Today’s a good day for you then.

Disqus now lets you block a user so you won’t see their comments. The comments are still there, and others will be able to see them, but they will not appear for you.


You don’t have to be an active commenter yourself. If you are someone who just reads the comments, you can block annoying people as well. Of course, you’ll need a (free) Disqus account so it can remember your preferences.


Sadly, even though there may be one or two occasions where I would like to use this feature myself, moderators need to be able to see everyone’s writing. Similarly, if you think Whaleoil is great, but I am one of the biggest irritants, you can block all of my comments. Just be careful though, because you will also lose official notices. Your call ;)

Please note that User Blocking only works for you and for the account you are logged in as. So, you don’t get the power to make someone disappear from the whole site for every reader. That’s still just my secret power.

If you block someone accidentally, you can go into Disqus and manage your list of blocked people.


If content is upsetting to you AND you think is breaks the blog’s rules, then please continue to Flag the comment as you may have done in the past. This brings the comments to the moderators’ attention. We can then delete the comment or, in serious cases, block the user for everyone.

I hope this improves your enjoyment of reading the comments on Whaleoil. In my experience, people who don’t belong will generally be dealt to by the moderation team anyway, so it really just means you can manage away people who are in every way well within the commenting rules but, for some reason, s/he always manages to rub you up the wrong way.

Well, now you have the power to improve your life and nobody else knows.


– Pete


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  • I think this even works across sites. So if you block someone on Whaleoil, they will not appear on other sites using Disqus. And vice versa.

  • Now that I thought it through, I’m going to add another commenting rule.

    Anyone who publicly discusses that they have blocked/muted someone will lose their ability to comment. Blocking/Muting is a private decision. To make your decision public will cause friction.

  • ex-JAFA

    Thanks for bringing this to our attention, but I don’t think I’ll be using it. I might dislike a specific comment to such an extent that I’d rather not see its like again, but even those I regularly disagree with come up with the odd gem. I wouldn’t want to miss those.

    I’ll just carry on wearing my big boy’s pants and move swiftly along if I don’t have a suitable and non-personal rebuttal to any comment I disagree with.

    • johcar

      My thoughts exactly – one of the great things about this site is the ability to express opinions, (no matter how wrong they are!! :) ) so long as it is done in a respectful manner…

      If the opinions expressed don’t appeal to me, I can easily use my ? to move on…

  • sheppy

    Thanks for posting the information, it’s a great feature for other sites. I don’t think I’ll be using it on WOBH as only adults are present courtesy of the unsung heroes of the moderation team

    • Woody

      Who are you calling an adult? I think I’ll go and be offended, or I will just have some more wine, takes the offence away.

  • Wheninrome

    This is the sort of thing that could help these youngsters who can not moderate for themselves. They could tell their parents that little mary was being mean and mummy could block them from their daughters social network. But given the chance of this most children have a need to know the nasty things being said about them in case they miss out when something mean is said about someone else, such is human nature.
    As far as this blog is concerned generally the debate is had and a satisfactory conclusion reached with the “annoying” person who holds a different view to oneself. It can be quite educational.

  • KGB

    I can’t imagine ever wanting to use such a tool here. Though I may not agree with everyone all the time, I enjoy their difference of opinion.
    Sometimes they make me a better person for seeing or thinking from a different perspective.
    You can’t buy that type of therapy ?

    • oldmanNZ

      in another words, the moderators do a fine job of weeding the trouble makers.

  • Crowgirl

    Great feature but I can’t think of a single person on WO who I would not want to hear from. Good to know it’s there though.

  • cows4me

    Where’s the enjoyment if you can’t upset someone ?

    • willtin

      Never upset your Mum. The rest of the World is optional.

  • Grocersgirl

    Would love to disappear the ads! (I know, I know…. they’re income…)

    • InnerCityDweller

      Genuine question here (sorry if answered elsewhere previously). Not at al up to speed with that side of the intertubes. If you install an ad blocker, how does that affect the revenue. Are ads are still being served, i.e. do they still generate income, even I can’t see them?

      • spanishbride

        I am pretty sure we only make income from ads that get clicked on, ie you click to view more. We don’t get paid just for showing them unless it is a direct deal with a company rather than google ads.

        • InnerCityDweller

          Thanks SB, makes sense.

  • Superman

    I like when someone makes a comment on my comment that upsets me. At least they took notice.

  • jimknowsall

    Worth knowing about, but this does seem to be the online equivalent of making the bogeyman disappear by covering your eyes.

  • Uncle Bully

    Seems like a very lefty thing to do, like sticking your fingers in your ears just because you don’t like someone else’s opinion.