The hypocrisy of Lisa Lorenzen, she lives in an ex-statehouse


Lisa Lorenzen went public with her outrage and anger that the state house for sale across the driveway next to her was being sold.

She went on Newshub to express her outrage.

It was while I was reading through the comments on my earlier post that I realised something…it was only an inkling, so I did a bit of research on Sidlaw Street in Strathmore.

I looked up the property records for the entire street. There are 117 properties. Of those 117 properties there are currently 19 state houses or 16% of houses on Sidlaw Street.

A quick look through the history of the titles of all these properties tells me that the entire street used to be state houses. ?

What this means is that the activist school teacher, Liz Lorenzen, is living in an ex-state house. Indeed the property records confirm that with the title transactions showing her house was a state house?from 1958 until 1994. In 1994 it was sold to a private buyer who owned the property until July 2005 when he sold it to Liz Lorenzen and her partner.

So Liz Lorenzen, who is appalled at the sale of a state house, is living in a former state house that she bought off the person who first bought the house off Housing NZ in 1994.

She is outraged that people would be able to do what she herself has done – buy a house from Housing NZ.

Look at what she said:

?This is a developer?s dream, so yes the Government could make money, but are they going to invest it in other social housing elsewhere?? says Liza Lorenzen, who lives next door.

Ms Lorenzen is furious Housing New Zealand is selling the property.

?If a developer bought this house or a first-home buyer invested and made this property better, it would raise the value of our own house. But we?re appalled because it?s a Housing New Zealand house and we know people want houses.?

Her own house? That would be the ex-state house that was sold probably to a first home buyer, and most likely the former state tenant when it was sold back in 1994. The one she now owns. It’s ok for her to own an ex-state house, but not ok for the one next door to be sold. She presumably wasn’t appalled when she bought an ex-state house for herself.

I’d like to know precisely what prompted this activist to go full media on this?


– Newshub