The hypocrisy of Lisa Lorenzen, she lives in an ex-statehouse


Lisa Lorenzen went public with her outrage and anger that the state house for sale across the driveway next to her was being sold.

She went on Newshub to express her outrage.

It was while I was reading through the comments on my earlier post that I realised something…it was only an inkling, so I did a bit of research on Sidlaw Street in Strathmore.

I looked up the property records for the entire street. There are 117 properties. Of those 117 properties there are currently 19 state houses or 16% of houses on Sidlaw Street.

A quick look through the history of the titles of all these properties tells me that the entire street used to be state houses.  

What this means is that the activist school teacher, Liz Lorenzen, is living in an ex-state house. Indeed the property records confirm that with the title transactions showing her house was a state house from 1958 until 1994. In 1994 it was sold to a private buyer who owned the property until July 2005 when he sold it to Liz Lorenzen and her partner.

So Liz Lorenzen, who is appalled at the sale of a state house, is living in a former state house that she bought off the person who first bought the house off Housing NZ in 1994.

She is outraged that people would be able to do what she herself has done – buy a house from Housing NZ.

Look at what she said:

“This is a developer’s dream, so yes the Government could make money, but are they going to invest it in other social housing elsewhere?” says Liza Lorenzen, who lives next door.

Ms Lorenzen is furious Housing New Zealand is selling the property.

“If a developer bought this house or a first-home buyer invested and made this property better, it would raise the value of our own house. But we’re appalled because it’s a Housing New Zealand house and we know people want houses.”

Her own house? That would be the ex-state house that was sold probably to a first home buyer, and most likely the former state tenant when it was sold back in 1994. The one she now owns. It’s ok for her to own an ex-state house, but not ok for the one next door to be sold. She presumably wasn’t appalled when she bought an ex-state house for herself.

I’d like to know precisely what prompted this activist to go full media on this?


– Newshub


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  • Grizz30

    Her other neighbours probably wish she would keep quiet. It is likely most welcome the sale of the property as it raises the values of their homes.

    • Keanne Lawrence

      RV up = rates up. Next will be complaints about those rising too. Lol

  • papagaya

    If Lisa Lorenzen is so upset she can vacate her own house and hand it over to some of the “homeless.” But if they don’t pay the rent, overcrowd it, wreck it, poison it with meth or bury placentas in the back yard, SHE can deal with it. The sooner National gets out of state housing, the better.

  • Second time around

    In all probability her worst fears will be realised, with her property values going up as the State house moves into private ownership. The government’s callous sale of the property will mean her rate bills go up next time there is a general revaluation of the area.

    • SlightlyStrange

      Sadly, the last valuation was only done last year, so next ones not due till 2015. And its too late to challenge the latest valuation now too.

  • Disinfectant

    She will claim that she bought it from a private buyer, not Housing N.Z..

    She might also say that she didn’t know it was a former State House.

    Additionally, she might also say that it never occurred to her that State houses of that time all looked the same.

    • Hard say you didn’t know it was a state house the whole street is full of them.

      • twittertit

        And that the house itself screams of state house structural and architectural detailing.

      • SlightlyStrange

        The whole suburb, really. Only the newer houses aren’t. Everywhere you look is another former state house in Strathmore.

        • biscuit barrel

          Exactly, the state bought the land, built the roads and all the services and then built all the houses.
          It seems as though Key is thinking along those lines again, except building the houses as its very difficult to raise the bank loans to develop land for housing. Even someone getting a builder to build on their own land. Its all house-land packages from larger building groups.

  • one for the road

    Govt should just sell all state houses in one go, put them all on the block and then pay any ‘deserving’ people a weekly allowance to rent something… If they abuse that social rent payment then take it away from them, if they cause trouble and wreck the place or dont pay rent, let the landlord sort them out.. Then the luvvies can complain about the free market.

    • exactchange

      That was the original intention of the Accommodation Supplement. Until Labour removed it for state houses in favour of income related rent. IMO a mistake.

  • cows4me

    Or perhaps the nasty developer might build something like this, what would that do for the views and think of the noise.

    • NahYeah

      I was just thinking the same thing, the houses are on a ridge, overlooking the sea. I wonder if re-development of the other house might block her sea view?

      • Rick H

        I believe the sea view is hidden by a hill behind them, but they do have a nice view of the airport, and it would be nice watching the planes flying in and out.
        Having said that, there may be a sea view off the ends of the runway.

  • shykiwibloke

    If she has strong convictions against profiting from ex state houses then nobody is stopping her from selling it for what she bought it for however many years ago.

  • Eiselmann

    As much as I hate gangs , I’d laugh if they put a gang family into that house…give her something to really complain about and I’m sure her other neighbours would be thrilled with her agitating…be careful what you wish for Lisa, you might just get it

    • Dave

      Great thought,

      “Thanks for your protest Ms Lorenzen, following your letter, we searched our database, and looked for the most needy family in search of a four bedroom house. We are pleased to advise, we have let the house to a well known Auckland family, the parents and their five children will live there. We will be giving the house a makeover, as its a bit dated, and we will add a few bedrooms to the garage for their eldest son with his partner and her two kids from a previous relationship, he finds it hard to get accommodation being recently released from Jail. For the record, we have approved their two rottweilers, they use them for security to keep the other gangs away from the house they live in, this should keep you safe as well”

      So once again, thanks for your letter, and protest actions, you should be proud your actions have resulted in this needy family being housed, right next to you. Im sure the rest of your community will be pleased with your actions”


      etc etc

  • Ross

    It’s always nice to get some proper journalism.. great spotting! The hypocrisy is strong with her…

  • SFB

    Teacher huh… surprises there!

  • Doc45

    Yes, its her fault but what a bunch of losers in MSM for giving her air time.

  • andrewo

    but “the children’s placentas are buried in the yard”

    That makes ALL the difference!

  • exactchange

    Large section, nice suburb, great views. Perfect for a multi property development. I’m picking that is the root cause of her gripe ….

  • JLS

    Years ago i read a quote ‘A developer is someone who wants to build a house at the beach, and an environmentalist is someone who has a house at the beach.’. Not much has changed. Simply about the power to obstruct, which is the pale, shriveled, secretly envious and usually frowsey, shadow of those with the power to construct.

  • SlightlyStrange

    Is the state house for sale on Sidlaw Street? The one on TradeMe on Sidlaw states “this is the first time this ex state property has been offered to the market for many years”, which indicates it probably was sold off in the 90’s?
    Whereas the other two state-house looking properties in Strathmore are also smaller, one with very poor access but a large section and the other a slightly smaller section on the road.