Who is the inbred cousin and who is the village idiot?

Paul Little, after exploring the parenting capabilities of the parents who let their kid climb into a gorilla cage then comes up with this ripper of comment:

On a brighter note, Labour and the Greens are hooking up. Analogies to a marriage were quickly drawn at this exciting news, and they couldn’t be more apt. It was like when you hear that your cousin who everyone had given up on ever seeing hooked has finally got engaged, and then you find out it’s to the village idiot.

So, it appears Paul Little isn’t convinced of the merits of the Red/Green wedding. But who is the inbred cousin and who is the village idiot? ?

David Farrar thinks?the Greens are the inbred and dateless?cousins, as they have never got into Government. And that makes Labour the village idiot by default?

The only people who are waxing lyrical about it all are the hard core activists and we all know they don’t represent the voters.

Apparently it is a game changer…like capital gains tax, like NZ Power, like David Cunliffe, like Matt McCarten, like GST off fresh fruit and veges, like raising the age for eligibility for superannuation, Cuppagate was a game changer too, and the?The City Rail Loop?plus the game changing $5000 tax free threshold, and the Canterbury Earthquake, and repealing the GCSB Bill and of course the mechanism to elect Labour’s leaders.

That’s an awful lot of game changers the opposition have?declared?over the past 8 years…and the only thing that hasn’t changed is National’s support.

All the pundits and politicians that have claimed those things as game changers should hang their heads in shame at being so wrong. None of them were game changers.


– NZ Herald