The inconvenient truth about Vanguard Military school

I will let the percentages and students speak for themselves. Vanguard Military school is a Partnership school ( charter school ) that is achieving exactly what it set out to do. It’s success and the success of other charter schools like West Auckland and South Auckland Middle school is an inconvenient truth that the Teacher Unions and the Labour Party choose to ignore.

So what do the students think about Vanguard Military school?

What does the community think about Vanguard Military school students?

What is the ethnic makeup of Vanguard Military school students?

For a crisper viewing experience you can read the full PDF here.


Vanguard Military School Annual Report 2015


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  • Dave

    Oh please, please let this be introduced to the house, lets have Marama asks a useful question of Hekia. “Is the minister aware of any reports detailing the results from any Charter Schools, specifically results improving the educational outcomes for Maori and PI students.

  • Oskar

    A question for SB.
    My wife is a school teacher and she maintains that the Partnership Schools are only successful because of the way they cherry pick their students – not taking those with with physical or mental disabilities or major behavioural issues, only picking students who they see have the potential and leaving all the real problem cases in the surrounding State schools which then drags down those schools who have to deal with even worse problems than they had before as they no longer have the core of ‘better’ students..
    My wife would not read the annual report as it does not fit the narrative she has been told – but some points to counter this argument would be appreciated

    • Ross

      I would have thought schools like Vanguard do more good for people with behavioural issues than state schools that give up and expel them.

      • Dave

        Exactly my take on the matter, and a LOT of the students of Charter Schools were being failed by the Mainstream education system, not Cherry picked. I can’t say for certain, but the talk of “Cherry Picking” sounds like a typical teachers union scaremongering campaign.

        • biscuit barrel

          The Ministry of Education’s website showed only 60 per cent of those leaving the secondary school completed Level 2.

          Plenty of state schools do much better than that, is this because so many of the pupils are difficult and dont even sit level 2?

      • biscuit barrel

        Partnership schools expel students as well. Over all they are much like the state system. Some good, some bad, most average.

        • Mick Ie

          Instead of accepting that State School teaching methods are not workable for all students, would the teachers union prefer to see them expelled and left to flounder rather than have them attend a Partnership School taking an opportunity to further their education and future?
          I can not comprehend why they would do this unless they were being confronted by their own inadequacies.

    • The Vanguard

      Hi Oskar, we have kept statistics on our students so hopefully this helps you in your discussions with your wife. In our 3 years of existence we have enrolled 83 students who were not attending any school, 91 students who had previously been stood down or suspended and 15 expelled students. The policy requires us to accept all and therefore there is no ability to cherry pick. Vanguard is about turning students lives around using a different model. If a student is doing well and enjoying school then why would they be looking for an alternative like Vanguard?

      • TM

        Great to know that – and reading the kids stories brings tears to your eyes. Everyone wants to make someone proud and to have someone who has their back – and it seems that you provide that.

      • sandalwood789

        That’s *really* great stuff! Well done!

        • biscuit barrel

          The PPTA says the comparison of the money per pupil available come to $9k per state high school and $25k per charter school when you compare like for like school size.

          • Dave

            Not quite. The PPTA are not comparing apples with apples as it does not suit them to put their members at a disadvantage. Ask the friendly PPTA for a direct comparison per student EXCLUDING start up and one off costs just like how the figures for state schools are calculated. Also. Just for good measures, Charter schools are significantly less to start up!

    • R&BAvenger

      If she is not reading the annual report, as I just have, then she has a closed mind and is spouting forth like some union drone. Hopefully she is better than that.

    • spanishbride

      Thanks for asking Oskar. My contact at South and West Auckland Middle school sent me the answer to your question.

      “By law the charter schools must accept all applicants until full and when full ballot places for the following year. Comments on “cherry picking” are nonsense. They are taking many kids let down by the “system” and helping them to succeed.”

    • Wasapilot

      My wife is a teacher also Oskar, and had similar sentiments to those of your wife.

      Several things changed (opened) her mind, including-
      a) actually reading reports such as these
      b) reading the series of articles by SB that she put on WO last year.

      She is now a fan of choice.

  • Doc45

    For those interested in research into choice in education here is the latest from the USA.

  • biscuit barrel

    The papers are reporting one school, Vanguard Military School, paid $309,391 for management, over and above what it paid its principal. The money went to the Advanced Training Group. Both entities are owned by the Hyde family.

    is that true those are the sort of fees charged for management of a school with over 100 pupils

    • spanishbride

      I can’t answer that specific question but I do know that the charter schools I visited employed a Manager AND a Principal. I think that it made a lot of sense to hire a professional manager to manage the budget to ensure that they got the biggest bang for their buck while freeing up the Principal to focus exclusively on education.How much each school chooses to pay to those it employs is totally up to them. That is the whole point of bulk funding. The results speak for themselves. In order to be able to attract high quality people on a limited budget they cut costs elsewhere. They use public facilities ie swimming pools and parks and rent their buildings.