Instead of writing pointless letters, our politicians should review our immigration policies

John Key wrote a letter to Barack Obama…how sweet. That won’t bring back 50 dead people killed by a Muslim extremist.

Neither will the liberal media ignoring the fact that this scumbag, a Muslim, who claims he works for ISIS, shoots up a bar full of people and the only thing they can talk about is gun control. There’s a real joke.

Prime Minister John Key has written to US President Barack Obama expressing New Zealand’s condolences for the Orlando massacre victims.

“No innocent person should have to worry about such violence when going about their daily lives, or be persecuted for their beliefs or lifestyle,” he said on Monday.

“Our thoughts are with the victims of the atrocity, their families and friends, and those that responded to the tragic attack.”

Labour leader Andrew Little has also condemned the attack by 29-year-old Omar Mateen, who shot dead 50 people in an Orlando nightclub and wounded at least 53. ?

Mateen was killed by SWAT officers at the scene.

Mr Little said the “horrific hate crime” had left people around the world feeling despair and outrage.

“We also pay tribute to the brave emergency services personnel that rushed in to help the victims with little regard to their own safety,” he said.

Are we getting it yet? ISIS and all other Islamic terrorists groups want you to live by their 7th century rules. That means hugs and cuddles from liberals won’t stop them. Only bombs, bullets and killing them will do that.

As I said months ago, watching the gay community march down Queen Street in solidarity with Hamas was stupidity in the extreme. There is no tolerance under Islam, only subjugation…do you want to live on your knees? I don’t.

All this on?the?same day that cabinet decided to let in more refugees. We need to change the rules on immigration, and on refugees. We need very tough vetting procedures, and we need to re-visit every single case in recent years. It is only a matter of time before we have our own terrorist action in New Zealand.

?- Newshub