Key lynched for pointing out that there are 1000 Auckland places to buy under $500k

Don’t the Media party and opposition just get their panties in a bunch when some inconvenient facts emerge about what ever crisis they are attempting to push.

The Prime Minister says he’s found plenty of homes for sale in Auckland for less than half a million dollars.

John Key made the comment after the government unveiled a policy that could force councils to zone more land for housing, in the hope of cooling rising prices, especially in Auckland.

Mr Key says while there are people who simply can’t afford to buy, he found plenty of cheaper homes on the website Trade Me.

“There’s nearly 1000 properties that are under $500,000 and quite a lot of them are much cheaper than that, they’re in the order of $300,000 and $350,000, again – go and have a look.”

Checkpoint with John Campbell searched for houses only on Trade Me between $300,000 and $350,000 and found 141 properties.

So, that is 141 more properties that you’d have had us believe existed under your manufactured housing crisis…and they are affordable.

Checkpoint must be retards with the search function. I did a search…for houses between $300k and $550k to weed out tenders, auctions and the like. Guess how many houses…in Auckland…yep the Prime Minister was right, over 1000 homes are available for sale in the Auckland region.

Affordable housing has 941 houses between $300k and 500K:


Well, it looks like Labour declaring a crisis in housing has solved the problem, like them declaring a crisis in everything else.

I suspect though that the real issue is that the luvvies want to buy homes in Ponsonby for $300k.




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  • Jp

    the next crisis will be student loan defaulters, the herald is starting on this issue

    • Dave

      Yes, but the comments on the story on Stuff is interesting, almost complete support for cracking down on the offenders, plenty of comments, how hard people worked to pay off their loans etc etc…….

      • They will shut down the comment quick smart if that avalanche continues,

        • 1dafool

          I was surprised how quick the Lab/Green “announcement” comments were shut done. Hard to say if it was because moderation was too much effort or the feedback wasn’t going as planned.

        • R&BAvenger

          When I lodged a comment there were just over 150 replies posted. Now comments have been stopped, there are about 395 and the vast majority are in favor of the enforcement action/arrest.

    • Cadwallader

      The headline should read Student Loan Thieves and not defaulters. The latter term implies they are unable to meet their obligations whereas these pricks choose not to honour the debt repayment through a specific intent to defraud the taxpayer.

  • JEL51

    Found out again………..beautiful. Time to close down State funded media.

  • R&BAvenger

    Trade Me and the Real estate site are only some of the sites that have listings of course,

    My quick search last night and this morning reveals a similar tally for Auckland, which doesn’t have the auctions weeded out.

    It’s like everything based on lefty propaganda, the facts get in the way of the story. The PM is stating a fact, anyone can check up on Trade Me to fact-check.

    There are over 16,500 properties listed on TradeMe for $500k or under, nationwide.

  • Cadwallader

    Garner was bellyaching about this yesterday too. A moron called him to say he was concerned that Max Key might be sleeping in the cold. It was an envy ridden attempt at sarcasm. The moron would be better off improving his own lot rather than marinate himself in envy and hatred. Garner seemed to enjoy the call but consistency has never been one of his strong points.

  • sandalwood789

    My search (done just now) on the site showed just over 2,000 properties for sale for less than $100k.

    Ok, many of those will be bare sections (and many will be in the smaller towns) but that’s ok – you go with what you can afford and you *make things happen*.

    • Dan

      On that bare section, you can purchase a kitset home (3 bedroom) for about 100,000. With consents, utilities and fittings I guess you coud easily have something very comfortabe for under $500k, if not, under $300k?

      • MrsAverage

        We built a four bedroom house, completed, for $190k about five years ago. It’s pretty ordinary as far as size and looks, mind you, but we had to stick within our means.

      • STAG

        David Reed doing deals down here, 5 bedrooms two baths on an acre for $500k move in.

    • woollyone

      I have a friend who did just that. It is stunning and I bet worth a bucket of money now.

  • sheppy

    But but but Generation Zero promised an affordable new apartment on Takapuna beach with free bicycle parking, and I can’t find one….
    And another media party labour “crisis”enters its closing phase.
    Apparently many agencies turned up last night offering assistance to car dwellers and most asked to be left alone. This was on Paul Henry shortly after 6 this morning, what’s the bet that it won’t be reported widely as it doesn’t fit the media parties narrative

    • Wayne Hodge

      Precisely, media prejudice in NZ is disgraceful

    • R&BAvenger

      I heard a news report on The Sound this morning saying the PM is putting the message out that the homeless need to help themselves and accept help from agencies who offer to help them. This will resonate with the electorate at large.

  • andrewo

    Yeah but those houses for less than 500K are next to Labour voters and nobody wants to invest there.

    • Mick Ie

      Remember Ponsonby? Who is laughing now?

      • kayaker

        I hear you! We turned our noses up at Ponsonby when we moved to Auckland in 1981. History will be littered with stories like this. I spotted a perfectly good ’70s style house in Papakura for $485k on TM this morning. A first home buyer could purchase it, do it up, rent it out, at least get a foot on the ladder. Papakura could be the next Ponsonby in 20 years!

        • Quinton Hogg

          I had to make do with Sandringham when I bought our home. Couldn’t afford the leafy suburbs.
          Can’t afford Sandringham now!

  • Big_Al

    This fact was mentioned by Mike Hosking on seven sharp last night also. However, on ZB talkback last night, that idiot Marcus Lush and many of the callers were rubbishing John Key for having made that comment. The amount of ill informed numpties we have in this country is just unbelievable. You can hold the actual truth in their faces and they still don’t see it.

    • Kath Rutherford

      Heard that, but have to say it got worse after midnight with that leftie fool Mr Russell Good lord that will teach me for having a late coffee !

      • Jayar

        “‘That leftie fool Mr Russell”- great description. He doesn’t attempt to hide his leftie bias and will always lead the talkback to criticise National.

  • Wayne Hodge

    The Left are not big on facts

  • ReginaldWellingtonJnr

    Ah yes but to get their numbers you need to cut out apartments and units etc… you know, the sorts of accommodation they want Auckland Council to encourage but they don’t think people should live in.

  • Whitey

    It really is a thankless job being PM. The MSM lay into him because there are “no affordable houses in Auckland”, and then when he demonstrates that there are quite a few affordable properties available in Auckland they lay into him again.

  • Huia

    On 7 sharp last night, they reported their staff had found over 800 houses for around that price in the Auckland area.
    Of course the first home buyers will all want to be in top areas and haven’t got the nous that the cheaper areas will become desirable areas in the not too distant future.
    As for the corrupt media shouldn’t they owe some loyalty to the Government who funds them and stop the all out support of the loser minor parties

  • shykiwibloke

    Clearly media school does not do math. Average price is the hint. To get an average, there will be a bunch under, and a bunch over. That is why it is called average! Bit like the average IQ or investigative journalists. (And that would appear to be relatively low compared to other averages, but that would be too much math for one lesson)

    • JLS

      Dead right, but that doesn’t suit their narrative. Amazing how many people have swallowed it though. The problem I see with the journalists is that they are generally paid very little so only those who will put up with it or have no other prospects will stay. Hence their viewpoint is so one eyed, envious, and spiteful against those who have succeeded, apparently through greed and good luck rather than sheer hard work, sacrifice, determination, and good planning.

    • Bryan

      yes and the average can be very easy distorted by one very high value sale which can throw the average way higher than normal. The better one is the median price sold, so what was the price for which the most houses sold last month?and you might find say from the 950000 average that could come down to 650000 was the median I was told just the other day there are over 500 houses one building firm has for sale down here in Canterbury and the bulk are between 450000 and 495000 so can’t get a house in Auckand shift south and get a better lifestyle, less long term debt and remember complared to other cities you need about 30000 a year extra to live in Auckland, so you might be offered a job here for 10000 less you would be a real winner with lower living and mortage costs

      • Political Nit Wit

        You’re making the assumption that $450000 – $500000 is affordable. Even at these prices families would find it very challenging, even with a basic standard of living.
        Only the banks win with excessive house prices.

        • Woody

          Owning a home has never been easy, nor should it be. My first home was in an area I chose because it was cheaper than where I would have preferred to live. I moved on in time, went seriously broke three times, no home, no assets, kept on keeping on and now own three homes two of which have extended family living in them for minimal rent. None are in Auckland. Anything is possible if you have the will and are prepared to work towards a chosen goal. I am well over (just ask Mrs W) these self entitled bludgers.

  • tjb

    They wanna live a stones throw / or bike ride from the CBD, but for less than half the proce of what that is worth, and they wanna do it tomorrow. That is all.

    • STAG

      Plus have a new car, smart TV, S7, new couch, holiday in the Islands and why can’t we eat out once a week?

  • Wheninrome

    The boundaries of Auckland City do extend a long way from what was considered Auckland city back in the day. Wellsford is in Auckland city some 77 ks from the centre.
    Commuting to that low paying job in the city will be a problem
    Need to educate these people to work and play and live where they can afford a house, if no job the benefit goes further. Schooling and sports opportunities are easier than in the low decile areas in the closer in parts of Auckland City.
    I do wonder how the cafe, shop cleaning staff and other lower paid workers can afford to work in the city proper. Much better off in smaller towns, they have cafes, banks offices that need cleaning and their dollar will go further. Tough on that city professional, dare I say it TV personality etc who will suffer if there were no cafe workers to make their essential cup of coffee early in the morning.

    The cry of there is no family support doesnt wash with me, NZ is a small place.

  • philbest

    The same properties that are Auckland’s “affordable” ones – i.e. under half a million dollars – in a median-multiple 3 city, would be under $150,000.

    You can see this for yourself on RE sites for numerous US cities (use the Demographia Report to find the dozens of median multiple 3 cities). Auckland was once a median multiple 3 city and it is purely a matter of toxic policy from the Council, that it is not any more.