Killing the cat was the worst of his crimes?

The NZ Herald ran a story about a cat killer…like that was the worst of his crimes.

A 17-year-old Otorohanga man is accused of strangling a kitten to death.

Tere Teropiha Poi appeared in the Hamilton District Court this morning charged with wilfully ill-treating the kitten by tying a belt around its neck, tightening it and causing it to die at Kawhia on June 19.

The charge has a maximum penalty of three years’ jail or a $50,000 fine.

Poi also faces charges of assaulting a female, possession of a cannabis plant and possession of two water bongs for smoking cannabis on June 20.

He was bailed and remanded to reappear in the Te Awamutu District Court on July 4.

So the cat rates more highly than assaulting a woman?and?drugs possesion.

It shows where the priorities are for the NZ Herald.

Mind you sociopaths and psychopaths who wantonly kill animals in cruel and unusual ways will also likely go on to torture and main people…and indeed kill them.

This is one to watch, I’m sure we will see him again soon.


– NZ Herald