Labour fundraising off the back of past glories

Labour does not have a glorious future planned for voters. Their message consistently has been one of removing the government and stopping John Key. They do not have a vision, apart from a New Zealand where John Key is not the leader. Given their lack of vision and policies it is no surprise that they are relying on Labour’s past successes in order to try to fundraise for its future.


Twenty-nine years ago today, a Labour Government passed legislation banning nuclear ships and arms from entering our country.

It was a proud period in our country’s history: we stood on our own two feet against the superpowers of the world and said no to nuclear weapons.

To celebrate the occasion, we’re releasing two limited edition t-shirts remembering David Lange’s immortal words from the Oxford Union Debate and Labour’s commitment to a nuclear-free country.

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The proceeds from every sale go directly to electing the next Labour Government in 2017.


Andrew Kirton
Labour General Secretary

Based on these T-Shirts and the State houses’ tea towels they were selling earlier, Labour’s campaign slogan should be,’ New Zealand’s future is in the past. Vote Labour.’ 


‘A vote for Labour is a vote for the good old days.’

Screen Shot 2016-06-08 at 5.45.12 PM

But seriously those T-Shirts and tea towels are so boring. They need to be selling ones similar to these…









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  • coventry

    “The proceeds from every sale go directly to electing the next Labour Government in 2017.”

    So do you get your money back if they don’t get elected ?

    • No, but if they do get elected they will give all your money to someone else.

  • Doug

    I’d buy those bottom ones, it is just a pity most would not see the point of the Che Guevara one

  • Keeping Stock

    It amuses me that Labour is still happy to make a buck off Lange’s Oxford Union Debate speech, but in pretty much every other regard he has been written out of the party’s history.

    Hyp, hyp hypocrisy!

    • Boondecker

      Yeah, that uranium one is boring nowadays. They should have used one of his other comments. Like when he was standing on aircraft stairs at New Plymouth airport during the campaign in 1987 to some woman protesting his appearance; “Be careful, madam! I’m higher than you and I can spit”. Always thought it was a tad unbecoming but then it was Lange. He always was full of pretense and bluster but not much else.

      • Wheninrome

        Certainly flew by the seat of his very large pants when it came to preparation for court when he was a lawyer.

        • Michelle

          or got stuck in a chair while visiting some friends many years ago
          from what l was told they had to remove arm on chair to get him out

      • Keeping Stock

        My favourite Lange moment was when he thundered in Parliament how he had one foot in Wellington and one in Otahuhu, to which some wit interjected “And the view from Taupo isn’t that great”.

        • Dave

          As good as the rant from Sir Winton Turnbull an MP from the Country Party in Australia but a slow and sometimes stumbling speaker, he said …….

          “I am a just Count–ry member”.

          Whitlam interjected “I remember” as he stood and left the chamber before being ejected, there was instant and loud applause from both sides.

          Winston Turnbull had to be informed what had just taken place, he couldn’t work it out.

    • SteveWrathall

      Lange may well have smelled the Americans’ uranium, but never that of the Soviets, as his nostrils were too overwhelmed by their boot polish.

  • Bob Dazzler

    They live in the distant past, no vision, no energy, no ideas other than tax the people who produce and don’t suck on the taxpayer.

  • STAG

    I wonder if Mister Vintage has one of those David Lange t-shirts, I wouldn’t mind one, but will not support the Labour Party to buy one, I have principles after all, maybe Trade-Me?

  • Isherman

    So Andrew can assure us that not one dollar from these will be used to fund Andrew Littles defamation defence bill?

  • Sailor Sam

    $40 per T-shirt?
    It will be chardonnay socialists residing in Ponsonby only that can afford these.
    The common man will still be buying T-shirts from the Warehouse.
    And please someone ask AA where these were made.
    I bet China and or Bangladesh.

  • cows4me

    Some more for their winter collection.

  • Left Right Out

    $40 for a single colour Tee with a single colour print……who are they kidding!!!!

    I can get Tee’s out of China or Thailand that are good quality landed for around $3, But lets suppose they are buy from a supplier here in NZ for $8… now there is a one ff set up fee for the printing…. lets go to the extreme and say it’s $350… thats a dollar on 350 Tees and the print itself would be about $1.50…. so for 350 Tees it’s $10.50 and charging $40…… great margin that, but from the party that complains about the cost of things, who are they kidding

    • MarcWills

      Remember, it is doubtful any Labour MPs have actually run a successful business (you know, like employing people, talking to accountants, lawyers, IRD etc – and then made a profit).

    • Wheninrome

      Obviously these are NZ made through and through down to the weaving of the fabric, got to keep all those NZers in a job, and as we all know they will all have to be paid the Living Wage because we socialists will not allow workers to work for less.
      Go back to the cake stall.

    • RAS

      You know it’s fundraising – right?

  • shykiwibloke

    I’m looking forward to shirts celebrating Roger Douglas’ reforms under a Labour Govt.

  • JLS

    Ranks with cake stalls by primary school kids on the serious fundraising scale of things. Now if they did a commemorative Douglas/ Prebble shirt that might be another proposition. Just proves hiking taxes is about the extent of their cashflow improvement capabilities. Not fit for purpose by any stretch of the imagination thankfully.

  • Dave

    I think a Labor T Shirt Meme comp might be in order.

  • Keanne Lawrence

    The really interesting thing will be seeing somebody actually wearing one. It will signal that they are Red but also they are well read by their party while being ripped off by them for a $40 T shirt. Lol

  • Seriously?

    T-shirt idea for them: “We are 110% behind Goff, Shearer, Cunliffe, Little…”

  • Seriously?

    T-shirt idea for them: “Where might Labour find their missing million? Not in Panama.”

  • HunuaRanger

    This one should work well for them (maybe) :-)

    • Seriously?

      NZFirst: Foreign fish stay out of our water

      Mana: Two, four, six, eight, to catch a fish you’ll need some bait

      Conservatives: Some believe fish are aliens, I don’t know

      Internet: The moment of flounder

    • Sponsz

      Apparently someone once asked Trump his favourite verse from the Bible. He quoted, “If you give a man a fish you have fed him for a day, if you deport him you never have to worry about feeding him again.”

  • Jman

    Celebrating 29 years? Jeez couldn’t they wait 1 more year? They really must be desperate.

  • one for the road

    How misguided! They are selling simple black and white tshirts for $40? Youcan buy full colour for that price…

    But the really laughable part is that no where on the T shirt does it promote Labour…. So when National promotes the US ship being non-nuclear visit later this year, those wearing these Tshirts will be support National’s efforts.. Haha