Labour’s next campaign is against the Police; let’s see how that works out for them

Stuart Nash has been sending out emails following the format of their housing email, soliciting people who feel they have had a raw deal from Police.


Every day I’m hearing more and more stories of Kiwis struggling to get help when they’ve been a victim of crime.

While the men and women of our police force do a brilliant job on the ground, the reality is that the police have been underfunded by $300 million over the past four years. National have just not given the police enough resources to do their jobs.

We’re hearing stories of police not turning up to crime scenes because they don’t have enough staff, of community police stations closing or losing resources, and councils using private security firms because they can’t rely on the police to do all the work required.

We need to shine a spotlight on these issues. One of the best ways we can do that is by learning more about the issues affecting people like you.

[REDACTED], will you take our short survey about police in New Zealand?

The issue isn’t about how our police officers are performing, but how National has systematically underfunded them to the point where they are compromised in their ability to keep our communities safe.

Labour will fund our police force properly. But before we’re back in Government, we need to make sure we get the word out about the impact of National’s underfunding.Click here to take our survey now.


Stuart Nash
Labour Police Spokesperson

As is usual, they are asked for their details and to complete a survey where one of the last questions asks if they are happy to speak with media.

Screen Shot 2016-06-12 at 5.25.31 PM

They are looking for friends and relatives who hate cops too.

Screen Shot 2016-06-12 at 5.25.20 PM

This is what worked for them over housing so we can expect, in a week or two, for media stories to start attacking Police, all pimped to them from the Labour party.

Here are some of their loaded questions from the survey:

Screen Shot 2016-06-12 at 5.20.25 PM Screen Shot 2016-06-12 at 5.20.33 PM Screen Shot 2016-06-12 at 5.20.40 PMScreen Shot 2016-06-12 at 5.21.03 PMScreen Shot 2016-06-12 at 5.21.11 PMScreen Shot 2016-06-12 at 5.21.19 PMScreen Shot 2016-06-12 at 5.21.28 PMScreen Shot 2016-06-12 at 5.22.29 PM

Honest media would ask people who come to them with negative stories about the Police if they have spoken to Labour or completed the Labour party survey.

Dishonest media will just run the stories because they will see this as a valid hit job against the Police Minister Judith Collins.

Whatever Labour do with this survey you may be sure it will lead to a media and Labour party attack on Police.

But think about this for a minute: Labour want to eventually be in government. So far their spokespeople have attacked Housing NZ, and now it looks like they are planning on attacking Police. Do those spokespeople really think that this will help their relations with those departments should they ever become ministers?

What it does show is Labour’s continued reliance on technology and social media to drive political attacks. On top of that they will probably also release figures from this data massaged by the thoroughly nasty Rob Salmond, the same person who devised Labour’s attack on people with chinky-sounding names.

The general public, however, will see through this shameful attack by Labour on the Police. Expect it to backfire spectacularly for them, like every other stunt they have performed. Labour are showing, yet again, that they are anti-Police and pro-criminal. Do we really want them in charge?


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  • LabTested

    One of the first acts that the Helen Clark government did was to cancel a Police recruitment intake to “save Money”

    A few years later (coming up to an election) I was door knocked by a Labour MP. The conversation got around to Policing & I said that when in Europe I see Police on the beat all the time. They stop people who look out of place and question what they are up to.

    He replied, that’s horrible..and I said no! It’s brilliant and I feel safe there

    • Keeping Stock

      One of the other first things Clark did was to remove Police Commissioner Peter Doone on very dodgy grounds, by leaking details of alleged “interference” to the media.

      Labour is all about politicising the Police.

      • biscuit barrel

        So Doone didnt get out of the passenger seat to tell the constable his girlfriend dint need breath testing ?

    • LabTested

      .and with perfect timing I have cops out side my window. A whole van full of riot police. To be fair they are just marking time cos of the Euro 2016 football thing, but I see 7 riot police having a chat with one guy about why he is not home before midnight (pics) taken 5 mintues ago

  • Geordie

    Couldn’t believe the Nation had Rob Salmon on their panel in the weekend, without someone from the National party to show balance. But showing balance has never been one of their strengths.

  • Alan Beresford B’Stard

    Survey filled in and sent under the name Mike Bush.

  • Sally

    Hope the survey gets sent to all Kelvin’s crim mates. They will skew the results – they will all come back with too much police interference, too many police.

  • Toby

    This is a terrible terrible survey.
    Every single question is a leading question.

    • Keeping Stock

      It’s little more than push-polling. Totally loaded questions, asked with the intention of a pre-conceived conclusion.

  • axeman

    Actually this is an issue particularly in the some of the regions. I know in our region police have been resigning in quite a few numbers and ones that haven’t are waiting till they find something else before they do. That actual numbers of police on general duties (not traffic) has been as low as 4 or two cars for a Friday & Saturday night.
    But there would be better ways of raising it,

    • biscuit barrel

      “prevention’ is the new buzz word in police and where the money goes.

      plus they can work 9-5 Mon-fri on this , except when there are race meetings to go to.

      • axeman

        And or Road Policing where they are gathering the most revenue.

  • rantykiwi

    Filled in.. under the question about what would you like the police to do more of if they had funding I said “prosecute politicians who breach electoral and suppression laws”.

  • Sally

    There are always going to be people disgruntled about something. Using surveys and then pimping them via media will become a common ploy by Labour. It is a wonder Annette hasn’t done one about health services.
    Maybe National should start asking people how happy and satisfied they are and then pimp the good news to the media.

  • Dan

    Questionairre 101 states no leading questions and no priming. Even before Q1 the survey fails

    “The issue isn’t about how our police officers are performing, but how National has systematically underfunded them ….”

    Why dont they just ask their email list people to give a short 1 or 2 paragraph statement on how evil National is regarding police. The winners get published as opinion pieces in their local rag.

  • Wolfman Jack

    Did my bit

  • Keeping Stock

    I’ve responded, including theses answers:

    Q8) Having to respond to political attacks by political parties wastes valuable Police time which could be used in solving or preventing crime.

    Q10) I believe the Police are adequately resourced, although I would like to see them take a tougher line on breaches of electoral law by political parties and MP’s

  • RockinBob625

    Thank you for the link to the survey. I believe that police should be forced to prosecute all complaints where evidence proves a breach of the law. Like when political parties breach the Electoral Act, over and over and…..

  • Second time around

    It’s one way to do a random unbiased survey, and will be at least as reliable as the Union study of health workers and salaried medical staff, reported over the weekend, which found that the health spend would not pay their expected wage demands. Why is the Opposition so intent on spending more public money, but so disinterested in getting the best value from what is already being spent?

  • XCIA

    It’s not surprising since their dodgy mates at Granny were running headlines at the weekend to pave the way for this nonsense – “NZ not a safe place for women” *** “NZ not a safe place for black people” *** “Interactive crime map of burglaries in your area”.

  • Bob Dazzler

    The labour losers are trying to con the gullible once again.

    • shykiwibloke

      Yep. And the pattern is emerging. If we line up all the Labour shadow cabinet ministers, and exclude those who have led the charge on one crisis or another – we will have a list of crisis to come. Could be interesting to get creative and dream up potential crises they can use, becuase they sure can’t pick them by themselves!

  • Tom

    There used to be a USSR manual on spreading revolution. Some of it was repeated in a UK military manual called “Keeping the Peace” The first 2 items in the list of how to bring down Government was 1; Destroy faith in the police to protect the citizens by protest and critisism of the police force and justice department” and 2; Create the view that the government is not serving the people. I say no more!

  • kayaker

    Desperation on Nash’s and Labour’s part. I filled in the survey in the positive and ticked yes/gave ph number for the media to contact me about my story. Haven’t heard a thing since. Funny that.

  • cows4me

    Can’t wait for their survey on the media, might be tempted to fill that on out but I doubt they would be stupid enough for that one, can’t bite the hand that feeds you. Oh wait, silly me, they are into that too.

  • Eiselmann

    Can’t see how attacking the police is going to improve Labours polling….attacking the people who protect you by using those who would see everything you value about our society taken away, is not a winning tactic.

    Nash might not have faith in the Police, but I bet you if he was in trouble he wouldn’t be calling the haters for help.

    Hows that hypocrisy tasting this morning Nash.?

  • JustanObserver

    Of course I would like for the Police to respond immediately (or sooner) to any call for help …
    But more than that, I would prefer that our criminals got punished & detained ‘appropriately’ for the crimes they commit.
    That way I don’t think there would be as many ‘applicants’ lining up for the ‘Criminal Situations-Vacant’ careers.
    Imagine if Victims had rights, and Criminals had none other than a choice whether to abide by the rules of their debt-repayment while incarcerated, or not.

    • Miss McGerkinshaw

      Where is this Eutopia of which you speak? If only!

  • Bryan

    and Crime is down 19% last year so effectively the police have done very well on past budget so why do they need more when the amount of crime to deal with has dropped 1/5th

    • biscuit barrel

      It was 3%
      There were 2091 robberies recorded this year, up from 1990 last year.
      There were 2214 more cars stolen nationally, up 12.3 per cent on the previous year.
      The drop is mostly in Canterbury

  • Wheninrome

    So he is after a police state then is he? I thought we were doing okay as we are.

  • Wheninrome

    Took the survey. I won’t wait with baited breath for the phone call to share my experiences. I do not think I fit their story.

    • Woody

      I did too but didn’t use my name or email, hopefully he gets plenty of further emails from Labour – oh that’s right……..

  • R&BAvenger

    They do not learn do they. Police being among the most trusted of our public service institutions – not perfect as there have been bad apples, who have for the main part been dealt with appropriately..

  • BigDogTalking

    I have a police story for them.
    I called the police this past Saturday on their non emergency number to report a teenager passed out on the street from too much drinking, lightly clothed and non responsive but not necessarily in need of medical attention.
    Took them about 10 minutes to show up and deal with him and fantastic couple of police persons (one male one female) they were too.
    If they would stop persecuting me for being 5km over the speed limit I would score the police 100% even with the speed thing they score 95%.

  • Keanne Lawrence

    This path chosen by Labour to fish for negatives and sob stories seems to be the only display of unity or perhaps conformity from their MP’s.
    They all feature reference to “under-funding” doubtless produced by their own algorithm which seems the equal of the Germans WW2 Enigma that nobody can replicate. Until of course somebody starts with the constant repetitive elements in the message. “Hail the Leader” and a “Send Money”.
    To this end they have followed the TV evangelist’s in the US highlighted by Mark Knopfler when he penned his “Ticket To Heaven”. While it might provide fodder for the Media party running with attempted hit jobs it only illustrates the true leftist philosophy. “Money will get you everything” especially if it is somebody else’s.
    Realists who know or know of those who really do have enough money to have everything also know it is because they don’t which is precisely why they are so wealthy.
    The majority demand solutions and not problems and the best Labour could do for the whingers who will respond with more gripes than dollars is to give then a coin to call somebody who cares.
    IMO the majority support for the current administration is their use of long term solutions to problems while vigorously avoiding knee jerk reaction or interventionism for short term variances.
    This thinking is likely what saw the refugee quota increased to 1000 from 2018 rather than the unsafe levels the vociferous activists advocate.

  • Dumrse

    That’s the survey out if the road, now comes the incessant drivel from the msm for the next two weeks until JK folds and gives them some more coppers.