Learning this one historical fact about politics explains so much about the Left

Until recently I was ignorant about the origins of America’s two main political parties. I knew that the Democrats were similar to our Labour party and the Republicans were similar to our National party. They have other parties but, because they do not have MMP, the tail never gets the opportunity to wag the dog like it does here in New Zealand.

So, many of the Democrat’s policies confused me because, to my conservative and libertarian eyes, they were patronising and racist. It turns out that there is a very good historical reason for the way they treat their Black American supporters.

It was actually the Democrats who fought to keep slavery while, in stark contrast, the Republican party was founded to end it.?In modern times the Democrat party has managed to hide its racist past and reinvent itself as a socialist party of the people. It has done such a good job that it attracts the majority of the black vote even though black voters are mainly conservative in their beliefs.

For decades black Americans have been told that it is the Republican party that is keeping them down and impeding their success. The historical truth, though, is that in the beginning Democrats declared that they would rather vote for a ?yellow dog? than vote for a Republican, because the Republican party was known as the party for blacks.

We all know who the Ku Klux Clan is yet how many of us knew that it was formed by?Democrats who used it as the terrorist arm of the Democratic Party to lynch and terrorise Republicans -black and white? How many of us know that the KKK used lynchings and terror tactics to stop blacks and whites voting for the Republican party? Even today black Americans who support the Republican party are verbally harassed, just as Milo Yiannopoulos is harassed as a gay man for daring to be a conservative. He actually said that it was easier to come out as a gay man than as a conservative gay man.

Black Americans ?have been told that the Democrats are the party for them and most are unaware that voting Republican used to be a life-threatening thing to do. Generations later they are still voting the way their parents and grandparents voted but most are unaware of the truth. The party that supported black rights was always the Republican party,?not the Democrats.

This historical knowledge explains to me why the Labour party and the Democrats are all for policies that are patronising and racist, such as so-called positive discrimination and affirmative action. Deep down they actually think less of non-whites. They think they are not capable of achieving without the assistance of patronising white liberals such as themselves. In America, socialist Democrat?policies have none little for black Americans. Telling people they are victims repeatedly, and that they cannot get into a profession unless the bar is lowered for them, does not empower people.

Our social welfare programme has destroyed generations of Maori as well as a fair few non-Maori as well. It is reflective of a patronising attitude towards people. Instead of empowering them to provide for themselves, liberal parties are all for the State treating them like children: making them dependent, not independent. Of course, we should help people when they need help but the best way to help a man when he is down is to hand him a fishing rod so that he can get back up, not sit waiting for fish to be handed to him year after year after year.

Democrats and the Labour party treat minorities and non-whites like slaves. They see them as their responsibility to feed and clothe but they also expect to control them. Now that I know the racist past of the Democrats it explains their racist brand of socialism really well. It also explains the existence of chardonnay socialists in the Labour party and their racism of low expectations for Maori and other minorities.