In their eagerness to protect Islam the left have abandoned the gay community

Sometimes in life you cannot hold two positions simultaneously, and the left in America are struggling with a situation that forces them to make an uncomfortable decision. In order to protect one group it has given victimhood status to, it must acknowledge that the ideology of another group that it has given victimhood status to is responsible for a massacre. Instead of standing up for gays and focusing on protecting them after the Orlando massacre, the left and some gay activists have chosen to close ranks around Islam and to stay in denial about the reality of the massacre.

Ironically, while gay journalist Milo Yiannopoulosis is told that there are not enough police to protect him from hundreds of actual Muslim death threats at a press conference, police are on the roofs of all the mosques in the same area to protect the Muslim community from violence that has not been threatened and will never eventuate.

The left will not hold Islam accountable in any way, shape or form for the massacre. They prefer to blame their favourite scapegoat and whipping boy, Christianity, despite all evidence to the contrary. Islam is at the top of their victimhood pyramid and there is no way that they are going to hold it accountable.


The Left’s abandonment of the gay community so infuriated one man that he came out of the closet publicly in order to attack some Liberal gay leaders and activists.

Jim Hoft of the widely read Gateway Pundit conservative news blog came out as gay following the Orlando terrorist attacks and immediately started throwing punches at prominent gay activists who he says, just don’t get it.

During a segment on Newsmax TV, Hoft called out gay leaders who blasted Donald Trump, saying he’s the only candidate speaking about radical Islamic terrorism, which calls for the death of gay individuals.

In his speech Milo urged the gay community to fight back, to let it be known that they will never let an attack like the one earlier this week happen again, and that they will protect themselves if the left will not. Milo called for an end to gun free zones and an end to the lefts pointless pacifism that has done nothing but endanger minorities.

“After the second world war, when Jews saw what had happened to them in the holocaust. And they saw the number of other Jews who had said nothing, had done nothing, when that particular minority was targeted by a different ugly ideology. They said never again.”

“The creation of the state of Israel, whatever your political views, however you feel about Palestine vs Israel. The pugnaciousness, the determination and the effectiveness of the IDF, of the Israeli military forces, the fact that it is one of the most effective and brilliant armies in the world one of the most efficient fighting forces in the world is a result of what happened in the second world war.”

“My hope after today, after the ugly and disgusting thing that happened here is that gay people say too, like the Jews did after the second world war, never again and gay people too, let Islamic fundamentalist preachers and Muslims everywhere who are tempted into thinking they can treat gay people like this, they can treat women like this, they can treat Latinos like this, they can treat black people like this, they can treat anyone like this, that we will shoot back”

“And to those liberals who say the answer is gun free zones, those liberals who say oh can’t we just love each other, your entreaties to peace, love and understanding on twitter are not changing the views of people in mosques around this city, are not changing the views of people in mosques anywhere else in this country, they are not changing the views of Isis, they are not changing the views of the immigrants who come into europe, they are changing nothing, they are not helping you, they are not serving you, they are doing nothing for you. They are instead luring you into a false sense of security that you are safe, you are not safe.”

“The best thing you can do in America, because you are in the best country in the world as I said, and you have two things on your side that Europe doesn’t. You have the first amendment which means or at least should mean that people like me who don’t even belong here in a way, I’m not a citizen, can come here and say whatever they feel. Most of this talk would have got me arrested in Europe.”

“That first amendment is underpinned by the second it is your right to bear arms, it is your right to protect yourself. If two, three, four people had been armed in that nightclub it would have ended very differently.”

“Gay people need an end to gun free zones. Gay people need and end to the pointless pacifism of the left because we have a threat on our shores, in our communities, in our societies, in streets not far from here, that requires a response from the minorities the left has given up on. It refuses to protect us, instead it pits us against each other. It creates a victimhood hierarchy with Muslims at the top, well the problem with putting Muslims at the top is they want to kill everyone else on the list.”


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  • Dave B

    Hmmm, I wonder why Social Media doesn’t talk about Islam honestly..

    Hmmm, makes you think….

  • Cadwallader

    I surmise that the majority of gay MPs in NZ have been there as members of the Labour Party. (I accept this may be wrong given we can never know who has been openly gay or not?) It surprises me that Andrew Little hasn’t been critical of Islam particularly due to this crime being directed against the gay community. Never forget his deputy, Mr Robertson, is openly gay and would’ve welcomed the opportunity to deplore the Orlando killings. Why wasn’t he given the opportunity in the House? Is this simply another instance of Little being out of touch with the voters?

  • Bartman

    This will provide welcome ammunition to Trump in his campaign. I think this will be a very close election and events like this play to a.swing right.

  • Misfit

    Obamas true colors are coming out now, he hid a lot of his left wing extreme views well but the truth is coming out and his actions in the last few weeks have opened up a lot of eyes abut what really he has been up to, all the while he props up Hillary who is in deep with the Saudis and the media still beat up on Trump daily. Milo is kyrptonite to the left and hes bringing the gays with him and no one holds more sway over the left than their original victimhood champions the LBGT groups . The winds of change have finally come now time for NZ to wake up to the media social justice new world order plans and stop it dead in its tracks, as Milo says our best defense against the left is sunlight on their ideas and ridicule .

  • Tiger

    At some point western values (acceptance of gays) had to clash with muslim values (intolerance and hostility towards gays). It is abundantly clear that the two value systems do not mix. So do we continue living in the same country and pretend the two value systems do not exist? What Orlando has shown is that the two value systems are incompatible. The west are looking for a leader to address this head on. Trump certainly calls it as he sees it, yet the left are floundering as they don’t understand why their nirvana of huggy cuddles all round are not working out. As mentioned yesterday on WO the left see the world as they believe it should be, not as it is. Closer to home, Turnbull does tell the muslims who is in charge, very softly though
    It is time that our leaders stood up and supported the values that allow them to be our leaders.

  • Kevin

    “Si vis pacem, para bellum”

    Let those who want peace prepare for war.

    I’m a big believer in that saying.

    When threatened we have three choices. Attack first, attack second, or prepare for war such that our enemies will not dare even think about attacking us.

    The best option is the third one. It’s what the Jewish community has done and what the Gay community (hopefully) will do.

    • OneTrack

      Unfortunately there is a fourth option – surrender, which seems to be what the left have chosen in order to avoid being called racist.

      • Martin

        Haha, George Orwell: “the quickest way to end a war is to lose it”.

  • Andinz

    My understanding is that gays are genetically programmed to be the way they are, Islamists adopt or are compelled to adopt a way of thinking. Many muslims use their brains to compartmentalise the Islamic bits that force them, against human nature, to kill fellow humans. This divides them into moderates or radicals depending on how they manage this. But a moderate can change into radical, and vice versa by making a mental effort. No gay can change their “gayness” as their genetic disposition is “hard-wired”.
    I am not a gay but I am for their right to live. I am against Islamism because mindsets can change .. and they must for humanity’s sake.

  • Keanne Lawrence

    Same old same old. Minority groups pushing their agenda at every opportunity.
    This is actually one time when homosexuals are part of the larger community since they are first and foremost infidels along with all non-Muslims. Lap it up but please don’t feel so precious and overplay the hurtie-hurtie bit.

  • shykiwibloke

    So let me get this straight. The left reckon the NRA and gun lobbies are to blame, yet all of the death threats to Milo have come from followers of a particular religion?
    Just this morning I saw an article of some dude with an off colour tee shirt backing Trump- and this was sufficient evidence forTrump to be blamed, yet there seems to be no evidence of Islam in this massacre or the threats that follow – how stupid do the left think we are?

  • cows4me

    The far left/progressive gay community is not confused in their support for Islam. For them attacking Christians and the western values based on Christianity is of greater importance then losing a few of their kin to Muslim nutjobs. Christianity is under attack and radical gays want nothing more but to bring Christianity down. The bible speaks of the last days where Christians are hunted down and put to death. There are stronger forces at work rather than a bunch of people who can’t decide which way their bread is buttered.

    • JohnO

      You are correct up until 1 year ago. Now there is a groundswell among the people that this behaviour of Muslims will not be tolerated and Islam is the enemy. As each new Islamic act of cruelty is witnessed more and more people are realising Islam is at war with us and we must be at war with Islam. This change in attitude saw Trump win the republican nomination and will see the UK exit the European community probably followed by France and Italy.

      • cows4me

        I hope so JohnO.

  • Nordil Borski

    I’m beginning to think that maybe Hitler did have it right in a couple of instances.

  • spanishbride

  • sandalwood789

    I wonder what the Left will do when a Muslim terrorist shoots up a group of *leftists*. They’ll probably still be in denial mode even then.

  • Superman

    Interesting that the NZ gay community marched in support of the Palestinians and against Israel. Death wish maybe??